Absence Procedures

At Christ Church, we want the best possible attendance rates in order to ensure that children are enabled to reach their full potential in school.

Whilst we recognise that there are times when a child will need to miss school for sickness or unavoidable appointments, it is vital that absence is kept to a minimum. The governors have reviewed our attendance policy to ensure that it is effective and understood by all. Here is the revised policy:



  • contact the school on the first day of absence either by phone or email.
  • advise the school how long your child will be absent, if possible.
  • send in a written absence note, if your child is away from school for more than 1 day.


Please show the office copies of the medical/dentist appointment card or the official letter giving details of an appointment so that the absence can be authorised. If the appointment is only for part of a day then the child is expected to be in school for the rest of the day.

Term Time Absence:

Government regulations  allow us to  authorise absence  in exceptional circumstances only. Please note that:

  • Any absence requests should be submitted, on the school’s Leave of  Absence request form, half a term in advance unless there is an emergency.
  • Absence requests will not be authorised for assessment periods.
  • Absence requests will only be authorised provided the child’s attendance rate is above 85% (on average no more than 1 ½ days absence per fortnight) for the previous year.
  • Only a maximum of 10 days absence can be authorised in any school year.