We were very pleased by our assessments in 2017. Now that the new assessment procedures are more embedded, we are once more exceeding national results at both KS1 and KS2. Indeed the government has judged that we have ‘significantly’ exceeded national results at KS2. Do see below for more information.

The full School Performance Tables can be found on the DfE website here.

Standards on entry to KS1 2017
72% of children achieved a good level of development in every learning goal, which comfortably matches the national picture.
Standards in phonics at the end of Year 1 2017
Once again our percentage of children who achieved the phonics threshold matched national (80%). We would still like to increase this further and have organised a wide range of interventions to achieve this.
Standards at the end of KS1 2017
The percentage of children who achieved the expected level in reading, writing and maths was well above national. Reading 90% (National 76%) Writing 75% (National 68%) Maths 92% (National 75%)
Standards across the juniors 2017
We have introduced the use of GL assessments, a standardised assessment which allows us to compare our results with a national sample.
These confirm that our achievements are consistently ‘significantly above the national average’
Standards at the end of KS2 2017
We were pleased that our results were significantly above national across reading, writing and maths. Indeed 45% achieved the highest level possible in reading and 30% in maths.
Progress across KS2
Our KS2 test results demonstrated that the progress made by our pupils in reading (+2.7) and maths (+0.9) exceeded national rates of progress.
This means that they not only achieved a good standard, but also their full potential.