Out of School Clubs and Activities

We  run 3 choirs (for Year 2 children,  Year 3 & 4 children and Year 5 & 6 children) and, at the Juniors, an orchestra and beginner, intermediate and advanced recorder groups

At the Juniors, we also run a Homework club and the Good News group which is run by the local Primary Schools’ Christian Worker. We offer Bikeability courses to children in Year 5 and Year 6.

A number of children on both sites have lessons provided through Kingston Music Service.

A wide range of clubs, offering a number of paid for extra curricular activities, run at both sites. These run before and after school and during lunchtimes.
(updated Nov 17)

Day TimeClubSite
MondayBefore7.45-8.45Table Tennis Juniors
Lunch12.15-12.45Treble recordersJuniors
Lunch12.45-1.15Intermediate recordersJuniors
After3.30-4.45Homework ClubJuniors
After3.15-4.30Y1 Football (AMSoccer)Infants
After3.20-3.50French ClubInfants
After3.30-4.30Year 1, 2 & 3 Cooking ClubJuniors
TuesdayBefore8.00-8.45Y3&4 ChoirJuniors
After3.30-4.30Junior OrchestraJuniors
After3.30-4.30Good News ClubJuniors
After3.30-4.30Football (Chelsea)Juniors
After3.15-4.30Y2 Football (AMSoccer)Infants
WednesdayBefore7.45-8.45Junior TennisJuniors
Before7.45-8.45Cheerleading Club (5 wks)Juniors
Before8.00-8.45Junior Advanced recordersJuniors
LunchDrama (Year 1)Infants
LunchDrama (Year 2)Infants
Lunch12.50-1.20Junior Beginner RecordersJuniors
After4.30-5.30Dance (Yr 1 and 2)Juniors
After3.30-4.45Homework club Juniors
After4.00-5.00Borough Cricket Academy Juniors
ThursdayBefore8.00-8.45Y5&6 ChoirJuniors
Before7.45-8.45Year 1&2 TennisInfants
Lunch12.45-1.15French clubJuniors
After3.20-3.50French clubInfants
After3.30-5.15Dance (Juniors)Juniors
After3.30-4.30Football (AMSoccer)Juniors
After3.30-4.30Drama Juniors