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July 20th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is hard to believe we have come to the end of the year! It has been packed with adventure and excitement, enthusiasm and determination and success and accomplishment. One of the joys of my job is celebrating with children the milestones in their learning. I hope, when you received your child’s exercise books yesterday, you were able to celebrate with them all the progress they have made.

Our last week has been busy, with Year 1 and Year 2 enjoying the sun at their beach parties, Year 2 and Year 3 having fun on the field and, yesterday, Year 6’s presenting their final music concert, wonderfully organised by Mrs Bishop. You can see photos of all these things in the attached newsletter.

This morning, it was lovely to see so many of you in church where we said goodbye to Year 6. They were in Reception when I first arrived at Christ Church and it has been lovely watching them grow up. We will miss them, when we come back in September, but are excited for them as they continue their journeys at Secondary School. At the service, we did show a video of this year’s highlights.

Please see the end of this email for key dates for next term.


We are delighted to be able to share with you our assessment results for this year. We are pleased that we exceed national in every statutory measure:

Here are some of the details:

EYFS – Reception

  • 84% (national 2017 71%)

Phonics Check – Year 1

  • 92% (national 2017 81%)

KS1 – Year 2

  • Reading 90% (national 2017 76%)
  • Writing 81% (national 2017 68%)
  • Maths 88% (national 2017 75%)
  • Reading, Writing & Maths 80% (national 2017 60%)

KS2 – Year 6

  • Reading 90% (national 2017 71%)
  • Writing 88% (national 2017 76%)
  • Maths 84% (national 2017 75%)
  • Reading, Writing & Maths 80% (national 2017 61%)

Thank you so much, to all the teachers and teaching assistants and, of course, children, who worked so hard to achieve this.

​Exciting Opportunity at School

We are looking for a new member of our office staff, focusing primarily on communications and leadership support, as well as arranging sports events. If you, or anyone who you know, has experience in communication and/or marketing and would like to work at a school, do look at our jobs page.


Each term, the class with the highest attendance celebrates with a tea party in the last week. This week, Yellow Class had their tea party, managing an impressive termly attendance of 98%. In celebration assembly, every Tuesday, we celebrate the top three classes for the week, and the term so far. This week, we also shared the full ranking:

1 Yellow 98.1%
2 Red 97.9%
3= Green 97.6%
3= 3BC 97.6%
5= Orange 97.4%
5= 5S 97.4%
7 4G 97.1%
8 3H 97.0%
9= 4A 96.8%
9= 6B 96.8%
10 6S 96.6%
11 5W 96.5%
12 Blue 96.2%
13 Purple 95.9%

School football kit
If your child has used a school football kit, and it has not been returned to school, please can it be returned as soon as possible.

Autumn Term

School starts at the normal time on Tuesday 4th September. School will be closed on Monday 3rd, for some exciting staff training about learning outside the classroom. (The SCL Holiday Club will still be open).


We hope that you have a good summer and manage to get a break, too. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Best wishes,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

Key Dates for the Autumn Term

Tuesday 4th September Term begins – ALL
Monday 17th September Secondary School Transfer Talk @ 7 p.m.Y5 & Y6 and Y6 SATs Talk @ 7:45 p.m.Y6.
Friday 21st September Parent Talk: Helping Your Child in Reception @ 1:15 p.m. and Reception Welcome Service ´2:30 p.m. Reception
Friday 5th October Parent Talk: Phonics @ 9 a.m. – Y1
Friday 12th October Returners Tea – for 2017 Y6 Leavers @ 4 p.m.
Wednesday 14th November Parents’ Consultations @ 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. – Nursery – Y5 (not Y6
Thursday 15th November SCHOOL CLOSES EARLY 2:15 P.M. INFANTS, 2:30 P.M. JUNIORS Parents’ Consultations @ 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. – Nursery – Y5 (not Y6)
Friday 16th November Parent Talk: KS1 SATs @ 9 a.m. – Y2, Y6 Parent Reviews @ 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. – Y6


This year, each infant class will do their own Christmas production. This will enable more children to perform on stage and also help parents get a better view:

Thursday 6th December Seahorse Class Christmas Production @ 9:15 a.m., Christmas Music Concert @ 7 p.m.
Friday 7th December Turtle Class Christmas Production @ 9:15 a.m.
Monday 10th December Owl Class Christmas Production @ 9:15 a.m.
Tuesday 11th December Squirrel Class Christmas Production @ 9:15 a.m.
Wednesday 12th December Fox Class Christmas Production @ 9:15 a.m.
Thursday 13th December Hedgehog Class Christmas Production @ 9:15 a.m., Nursery Class Christmas Production @ 11 a.m. and Year 3 Christmas Production @ 7 p.m.
Friday 14th December Christmas Jumper Day – ALL
Thursday 20th December Class Christmas Party Day – ALL
Friday 21st December Christmas Service @ 9:45 a.m. Term Ends 2:15 p.m. Infants, 2:30 p.m. Juniors

July 6th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Today, your child should bring home their Record of Achievement. It’s been lovely reading through them, seeing what the child and the teacher have written, and reflecting on the countless individual achievements and successes this year has brought. I hope they will help you understand your child’s attainment and progress and see the steps they can take next year to help them progress. We do value parents’ feedback, so do return the comments slip enclosed with the report. If your child is in Year 6, you will get your child’s report on Monday 16th July, as we don’t get the SATs results until next Tuesday.

Last night was the summer concert, a wonderful celebration of music. I am always amazed at the standard of our music, and how the children and their teachers perform such challenging pieces with such skill. Thank you to Mrs Huggett, Mrs Bond, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Bishop and Mrs Robinson, for organising it so well. (Do also see the newsletter for photos of the fantastic country dancing event on Tuesday.  I am so pleased that Kingston has continued this tradition for over 40 years).

Parent Governor

Thank you to both Nina Burich and Warren Speller for being willing to stand in the election for parent governor and to give up their time to support the school. It was lovely to see how many votes were cast and the involvement of our whole parent body in the process (far better than national elections!). Congratulations to Nina who received most votes and has been elected.

Choir, Orchestra and Recorder clubs

This week was the last week for music clubs this term. There will be no choir, orchestra or recorder clubs next week.

Last Day of Term – Friday 20th July

You are warmly invited to join us at Christ Church for our end of year service which begins at 9.45am.

As is usual on the last day of term, School finishes early:

  • AM Nursery @ 10.45am
  • Infants @ 2.15pm
  • PM & Full time Nursery @ 2.20pm
  • Juniors @ 2.30pm
  • Connect @ 5.15pm

Another Farewell

Mrs Ferguson has retrained to work with children with a hearing impairment and, this week, she got a job at a school for children with hearing impairments. She has been a wonderful TA in Year 6 and a lunchtime supervisor for two years and while we will miss her, we are really pleased that she has got a job which uses all her new skills.

Further to the information we gave out in last week’s bulletin, we wish to clarify that Mrs. Robertson is, in fact, retiring after 26 years of teaching.


Following complaints from parents and neighbours about unsafe parking and driving we are having receiving visits from the Coombe Vale Safer Neighbourhood team and they have asked us to remind you that it is illegal to park:

  • on the zig zags outside school at the designated times
  • on the double yellow lines
  • on the pavement

They have already issued a number of enforcement tickets and also that they are willing to take action following reports of abusive behaviour by drivers. Please do drive safely and courteously and keep our children safe.

Tombola Prize – DogFest

A pair of tickets to DogFest were included in the summer fair tombola. Unfortunately, due to the very hot weather the event has been cancelled. If you have won the prize and wish to transfer your tickets to next year’s event, please email the organisers at

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages

Juniors – Cricket club flyer, Chelsea Football Club, Girls Football Club Monday 9th July, Year 6 Collective Worship Music concert (selected children)


Whole school – AMSA Football club registration,

June 29th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week, Year 6 performed their wonderful play “I’m a Year 6, get me out of here!” It was lovely to see the confidence and enthusiasm with which children performed and their brilliant singing. It was a real triumph, and something that they will always remember. This morning, Year 1 and Year 2 watched a show, dressed up as pirates for the Jolly Roger theatre company, there were plenty of “arghs” to be heard!

The sun shone for the junior sports day this morning. Every child took part, demonstrating a range of sporting skills. The PTA were also there, providing delicious refreshments for the watching parents. I would like to thank them for all their hard work.  (Soon we will be able to announce the final figures raised by the Summer Fair, but it already looks as though we beat last year’s total by at least £1.2K so far). It was also lovely to see former pupils, now at Coombe Boys & Girls, come back to help us.

Next Year’s Classes

We have decided that it was time for a change and some fun! From September, all classes will have a new name. Each year, we will choose a theme and teachers will select a relevant class name. This year, after consultation with the school council, we have chosen the animal kingdom. These are the classes for next year:

Reception Sea Animals

  • Seahorse Class with Miss Palmer
  • Turtle Class with Miss Tickner

KS1 Woodland Animals

  • Blue Class to Owl Class with Mrs Langder
  • Purple Class to Squirrel Class with Mrs Honeybone (M, Tu & W) & Mrs Ward (Th & F)
  • Red Class to Fox Class with Miss Bruen
  • Orange Class to Hedgehog Class with Miss Clements

LKS2 Rainforest and Savannah Animals 

  • Yellow Class to Lion Class with Miss Hunt
  • Green Class to Tiger Class with Mrs Burkinshaw (M, Tu & F) & Mrs Coltman (W & Th)
  • 3H to Eagle Class with Mr Boa
  • 3BC to Macaw Class with Miss Ahn

UKS2 Animal Authors    

  • 4A to Durrell Class with Mr Ganyon
  • 4G to Herriot Class with Mrs Brooks
  • 5W to Kipling Class with Mrs Summers
  • 5S to Potter Class with Miss Stray

Next Wednesday, all children will go to their new classes, while Year 6 visit their new schools.

Meet the Teacher Meetings

The teachers look forward to meeting parents at the new class meetings:

  • Thursday 5th July Y6 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Year 5)
  • Thursday 5th July Y3 Meet the New Teacher @ 3:45 p.m. (Year 2)
  • Friday 6th July Y5 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Year 4) THIS IS A NEW DATE
  • Monday 9th July Y2 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Year 1)
  • Tuesday 10th July Y4 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Year 3)
  • Thursday 12th July Y1 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Reception)


It is that stage of the year when we welcome some and say goodbye to others. This year, we are saying goodbye to three members of staff.

Mrs Robertson joined Christ Church in 2005. She has been a class teacher, SENCO and English Leader, before becoming Infant Leader and Early Years Leader two years ago. In her different roles, she has made a massive contribution to the school and will be much missed when we come back in September. We wish Mrs Robertson every good wish as she takes a gap year.

Mrs Connolly has been a teaching assistant at Christ Church for 18 years! She has supported hundreds of children and there will be adults now who look back with gratitude at the help she gave them. Her cheerful enthusiasm for life has influenced children and adults and she, too, will be much missed. We wish Mrs Connolly every good wish as she takes early retirement.

Mr Mark Gordon has been a teaching assistant for 2 years. As well as working as a TA in Year 3, he has supervised at lunchtime and run the Homework Club. With his theatrical background he has proved invaluable in helping with our drama activities particularly the end of year plays. Sadly, fitting us in between rehearsals as the lead in Richard III is proving too challenging. We hope he “breaks a leg”.

New Roles

Although only one teacher is leaving, there are a number of staff taking on new roles in September:

  • Miss Bruen will be the new Infant Leader, as well as being Fox Class teacher.
  • Miss Tickner will be the new Early Years Leader, as well as being Turtle Class teacher.
  • Miss Stray will be the new English leader, as well as being Potter Class teacher.
  • Mr Ganyon will be the new Maths Leader, as well as being Durrell Class teacher.
  • Miss Barley will be a specialist teacher at the Infants, with a focus on maths.
  • Mrs Wogan will be a specialist teacher at the juniors, with a focus on closing gaps in attainment and progress.

Both Miss Barley and Mrs Wogan have been fantastic class teachers for a long time! Miss Barley has also been a wise Maths Leader and KS1 Leader. They are both highly skilled in understanding and teaching the steps children need to take to make progress. We are very pleased that they will be using their specialist knowledge across different classes.

New Staff

We welcome two new teachers, Miss Clements and Mr Boa. They are already well known in our school and we were delighted that they agreed to come and work here. They look forward to meeting their classes next Wednesday, and parents at the meet the teacher meetings.

Parent Governor Election

Two nominations have been received for our parent governor vacancy: Nina Burich and Warren Speller. As there is only one vacancy, a secret ballot must now take place. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will secure the role of parent governor for a four year term of office.

Each parent or carer with a child attending the School, including Rainbow Nursery, is entitled to one vote regardless of the number of children they have in school.

Ballot papers have been sent home via book bags. They must be posted, in the envelope provided, in the ballot box in either office. They will be counted by the Returning Officer, Vicky Mitchell – Clerk to the Governing Body, in the presence of the Headteacher at 3.30 p.m. on Friday, 6th July 2018.


Next week, Years 2 and 4 are taking part in the Kingston Country Dance Festival. As the weather is meant to be hot, they would like to take some gazebos. Thank you to the parents who have already offered, but if any other parents have gazeboes they could lend us, please let the office know.

An Evening with Historian, Author and TV Presenter Tracy Borman – Wednesday 11 July 8pm, Junior Hall

In this talk, inspired by her debut novel The King’s Witch, Tracy will take us into the turbulent world of the early Stuart court: King James is waging a war on witches and Catholics alike and it is not long before a dark campaign to destroy both King and Parliament gathers pace, culminating in the Gunpowder Plot. The heroine of the novel Frances Gorges, daughter of Elizabeth I’s favourite lady in waiting, is accused of witchcraft and becomes embroiled in the plot to oust James from the throne. Interweaving fact and fiction, Tracy will tell Frances’s story, and in so doing will bring one of the most dramatic events in British history vividly to life.

Tickets cost £5 and are available on ParentMail. (The previous restriction of 2 tickets per child has now been removed). Drinks and nibbles will be available to purchase at the event. Books will be available to buy for Tracy to sign at the end of the talk.

Please note that there is a bug in the ParentMail App where the start time is shown incorrectly as 7pm

Sun Protection

As the weather heats up, please ensure that your child is protected against the sun and the heat. Please send them into school with a named water bottle, encouraging them to drink plenty, and a cap or sun hat. Make sure you have applied sun screen to your child before school.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages

  • Juniors – Year 4 Country Dancing, Junior Dance club Autumn term, Junior Gymnastics Autumn term, Change of cello lesson times, Girls Monday football club at Corpus next week, Chess club, Drama club,
  • Infants – Year 1 and 2 Dance club Autumn term,
  • Whole school – Parent Governor Election – Ballot papers via book bag

June 22nd 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been a musical week! On Monday, I was at the Rose Theatre to see the Year 5 & 6 choir perform in the Kingston Music Festival, yesterday I went back to see the Year 2 choir in action. The singing was of a very high standard, and I was proud of both choirs who did amazingly well. I am very grateful to Mrs Huggett and Mrs Bond whose skills in teaching the songs was evident. This morning, Mrs Bishop had organised a Year 3-5 music concert. There was a lovely variety of performances, with the children singing and playing instruments with such skill and enthusiasm.

It has also been a week of sport. On Tuesday, eight Year 5 boys represented Christ Church in the Kingston Schools Sports Partnership cricket finals held at Kingston Grammar Field, winning two of their four matches. On Wednesday, five Year 5 and 6 boys and girls attended the Tri Golf festival at Chessington Community College. They had a lovely time chipping and putting, and learning a bit more about the sport of golf. There are photos of these competitions, and more, in the attached newsletter.


Our admissions criteria are staying the same for 2019 entry. However, the governors are reviewing the criteria for 2020 entry to ensure that we best serve the local community. One aspect they are considering is the list of churches named in the policy: Christ Church, St. John’s, New Malden Baptist Church, New Malden Methodist Church, St. James’s, St Joseph’s and New Malden United Reformed Church. The governors are investigating whether there are other churches that serve the local community, but which are not listed. If you are aware of a church, please email If the governors do decide to propose a change of the criteria, there will a full consultation in the autumn.

Home Learning

We have reached the stage of the year where we are reviewing different aspects of our practice in preparation for the new academic year.  One topic we keep discussing is Home Learning, because this is a very controversial area and one where opinions vary widely.  We have been very struck by research findings which show that homework can have a low impact on children’s learning. (For those interested in the research: John Hattie, in his seminal work has identified 254 factors that can impact learning, giving each an effect size in the range -0.9 to 1.62. Homework has an effect size of 0.29, less than chess (0.34), drama (0.38) and outdoor adventure (0.43).)

We obviously want to make sure that we all focus our attention on the activities which are the most valuable use of our time in this busy world. We want to make sure the learning at home we expect children to do has the biggest impact. There are some things we know parents can do that really help their child’s learning:

  • Hearing your child read and reading to your child – this is the most effective way of improving your child’s reading and writing.
  • Talking to your child about their learning, asking them to explain what they have learnt and showing an interest in their discoveries.
  • Practising speedy recall of times tables/number bonds
  • Reinforcing every day maths skills, like counting, telling the time, reading timetables and practical measuring skills

These are things that can done all the time, regardless of what your child is learning at school. We currently also set targeted activities to reinforce learning in English and maths. We would like to find out your views about which activities are most valuable. Please could you complete a short survey here.

Summer Fair Reminders

Please be reminded:

Year 2, 3 and 4 choirs will be singing at the fair at 1.15 p.m. Please make sure your child is there at 1.00 p.m. to prepare.

Year 2 will be performing country dancing at 1.40 p.m. Please make sure your child is there with plenty of time to get ready and prepare.

Sun Protection

As the weather heats up, please ensure that your child is protected against the sun and the heat. Please send them into school with a named water bottle, encouraging them to drink plenty, and a cap or sun hat. Make sure you have applied sun screen to your child before school.

Autumn Term Clubs

The list of clubs for the autumn term is here. More information will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Junior Sports’ Day – Friday 29th June

We look forward to welcoming you to Junior Sports Day! Here is a timetable for the morning:

  • 8.40 a.m. Children arrive at school dressed in PE kit, hat, and with a full water bottle and go directly into their classrooms.
  • 8.50 a.m. Teachers will register the children, give them a wrist band in their House colour and begin to walk over to the field.
  • 9.05 a.m. Children are seated on field, grouped by House.
  • 9.15 a.m. Traditional, athletic sprints for each year group begin on the track.
  • 10.00 a.m. Children begin the sports carousel which includes exciting events such as tennis, shotput, golf, football and cricket. The PTA is kindly providing water at each station for the children to fill up their water bottles.
  • 12.10 p.m. Awards ceremony to announce the winning house and celebrate all our wonderful sports girls and boys!
  • 12.15 p.m. Children begin to make their way back to school. ​

This year:

  • The PTA will be on site selling hot drinks and cakes, so please have your breakfast and morning cuppa with us. You may wish to help us to be even more environmentally friendly by bringing your own travel cup.
  • The School Health team will be here with their ‘School Roadshow’ which will have information and leaflets on the services that they offer. Please come along and chat to them!
  • We have invited a specialist sports company, The Elms, to provide event management and sporting expertise!
  • Former Christ Church pupils from Coombe Boys’ and Coombe Girls’ Schools will be supporting the children at each event and keeping score.

Junior Gardeners

Mrs Brown would like to thank all her gardening leaders who have worked so hard to make the front of the Junior site look so colourful. The plants are looking amazing and the girls’ dedication to planting, watering and weeding has resulted in a lovely display. They give up their break times to help and have chosen most of the plants themselves. Thank you!

Kingston Borough Cricket Academy Trials

Twenty:20 cricket will be conducting trials for the Kingston Borough Primary State School Cricket Academy next Friday, 29th from 4.00pm to 5.00pm. Children currently in Years 3, 4 and 5 who have a strong interest in cricket are encouraged to trial. As you may know, our Junior site was chosen as the location of the Academy, so if your child is successful in the trial, they will attend training on the Junior playground. Please see for more information and to book your child’s place on the trials.

Class Photograph orders

Following Pret-a-Portrait’s recent visit to take school photographs, we just wanted to remind you that the earlybird deadline for you to receive a 10% discount on the school pictures finishes on 28th June 2018. If for any reason you have lost your original viewing instructions please don’t worry. Pret-a-Portrait will be more than happy to help and you can contact them directly on 0800 021 7626 or Here is the sitting ID for each class:

  • Rainbow AM CHIN13009VRTVRT
  • Rainbow PM CHIN13002MLFMLF
  • Reception Blue CHIN13003QXCQXC
  • Reception Purple CHIN13004MKHMKH
  • Year 1 Orange CHIN13005BCBBCB
  • Year 1 Red CHIN13006CXSCXS
  • Year 2 Green CHIN13007PDZPDZ
  • Year 2 Yellow CHIN13008NVFNVF
  • 3H CHJU20002RYWRYW
  • 4A CHJU20003HFMHFM
  • 4G CHJU20004KPYKPY
  • 5S CHJU20005KBBKBB
  • 5W CHJU20006CFLCFL
  • 6B CHJU20007DZJDZJ
  • 6S CHJU20008CCDCCD

Year 1 and Year 2

Please remember KS1 are dressing up as pirates on Friday 29th June. We have Rainbow Theatre visiting, children will be watching a play called, Jolly Roger, and have a lot of fun being in role as pirates!

SCL Summer Holiday Club

Dates are available to book now (the summer term dates to follow). To book go to or call SCL on 0345 644 5747. A flyer is attached.

Bikeability Courses – SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2018

Free Bikeability training for children in Year 5 and above who live or attend a school in Kingston or Sutton

Bikeability Level 1 & 2 Courses 10.00 – 12.00. Various venues in Kingston and Sutton This week-long course (depending on numbers) introduces young cyclists to riding on quiet residential roads.  Training includes:

  • Bike checks
  • Control skills
  • On-road cycling
  • Highway Code

Please click here to read Information to Parents and Click here to complete the Booking Form

Advanced Bikeability Level 2 / Level 3 AM or PM. They come to you A 2 hour one-to-one session aiming to give young cyclists the ability to make road journeys independently. Two trainees can share the session. Only suitable for Level 2 achievers in Year 6 or above. Email with the full name of your child so they can check their records. Training may include:

  • Route planning
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic lights
  • Main roads

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages

Juniors – Dance Club performance letter, Gymnastic club showcase letter, Reminder Year 6 Medical form for IOW trip, Inter Primary Football Finals (selected Year 5 and 6)

Infants – Year 1 and 2 Dance performance letter, Year 2 dancers’ letter

Whole school –

June 15th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

The micro pigs were at the infants this week. The children enjoyed getting to know Twisty and Peter – several told me that they would like one as a pet!  Staff also showed great skills in rounding up Peter, who had a tendency to make a bid for freedom. It is lovely that the pig tax from enterprise day enabled us to have the pigs for a second week. Today, Year 2 were raising money for Lunchbowl, wearing odd socks. There are pictures of pigs, socks and more in the attached newsletter.

It is only a week to go until the summer fair. The PTA have been planning it for months and working very hard behind the scenes get everything ready. Your class rep may well have been in touch, asking for help. If you are not helping yet, but can, I know they would be grateful to hear from you. Do remember to invite your friends and neighbours.

Information for Year 5 parents – Applying for Grammar Schools

The links to the leaflets below explain the process for parents wishing to apply to selective schools in the boroughs of Kingston and Sutton. Parents of children currently in Year 5 need to be aware of dates and timescales.

TGS Joint Flyer Entry 2019       Sutton Council Information Evenings

Orchestra at Summer Fair

The orchestra will be playing at the Summer Fair on Saturday 23rd June from 2.00 p.m. Please could they arrive at 1.30 p.m. for setting up and tuning up. Uniform not necessary.

Parent Governors

The Governing Body invite you to stand for election as a parent governor, or to nominate another parent. In our school, we have provision for two parent governors and one place becomes available from September. The Governing Body, with the Headteacher, has overall responsibility for the running of the school. For more details and the nomination form see the separate ParentMail.

Teaching Assistant Required from September

We are looking for a Teaching Assistant to join our Year 3 team in September. (The role includes acting as a Lunchtime Supervisor and, for the appropriate person, additional hours providing targeted group work for EAL children may be available.) We are looking for someone who has a commitment to high quality child centred learning and who is passionate about working creatively with children and their families. ( Please note the deadline for applications is Monday 18th June). For more details please click here.

SCL Summer Holiday Club

Dates are available to book now (the summer term dates to follow). To book click here or call SCL on 0345 644 5747. A flyer is attached.

Play Leader at Burlington After School Club

Burlington have asked us to advertise a job as play leader at their after school club. For more information, click here.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages

Juniors – Festival of choirs (Year 5 and 6 choir), Rounders competition (selected Year 5), Year 4 Cluster swim gala (selected children), Bikeability courses (select Year 5), Year 6 Play tickets, Amended woodwind music tuition lesson times (select children), Year 3 Girls’ football (selected children), Summer Music concert, Year 5 Kidzania trip

Infants – Year 2 Cluster swim gala (selected children)

Whole school – Parent Governor Election, Class photograph order details,

June 8th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

I felt like I was on the high seas at the infants, this week. I encountered ships full of pirates, treasure chests and maps and, in Green Class, I could have walked the plank! Thankfully, the pirates were kind to me.

Last term, the upper juniors were looking at the art of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who was famous for his surreal portraits composed of fruits, vegetables, fish and trees. The children made their own portraits of famous people. Three are in the newsletter, can you guess who they are? Answers next week.

Parent Governors

The Governing Body invite you to stand for election as a parent governor, or to nominate another parent. In our school we have provision for two parent governors and a place becomes available from September. The Governing Body, with the Headteacher, has overall responsibility for the running of the school. For more details and the nomination form see the separate ParentMail.

Summer Fair – First Aiders

Are you a first aider? Could you help at the school fair on Saturday 23rd June? If you can help, please email Anna Stone.

Summer Fair – Year 2,3 & 4 Choir

The Years 2, 3 & 4 choir will be singing in the Summer Fair at 1:15 p.m. It would be lovely to have as many children as possible there. No uniform is needed.

King’s College, Wimbledon – Open Events

We have a strong partnership with King’s College, Wimbledon. Every Friday afternoon children from King’s help in the infants and a Year 6 class go to King’s for sports training in their wonderful facilities. The school have asked us to let you know of their upcoming open events for 11+ entry in 2019 onwards. The first is an 11+ open evening, next Monday 11th June at 6 p.m.  Next term, they will be holding a whole school open morning on Saturday 15th September, 9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m., and another open evening on Tuesday 9th October, again at 6 p.m.  The 11+ registration deadline for 2019 entry is Thursday 15th November 2018.

All are welcome at these events and there is no need to book places.  Further information is available on their website. A flyer is attached, with information about the open events as well as an introduction to their new music school and concert hall.

Teaching Assistant Required from September 

We are looking for a Teaching Assistant to join our Year 3 team in September. (The role includes acting as a Lunchtime Supervisor and, for the appropriate person, additional hours providing targeted group work for EAL children may be available.) We are looking for someone who has a commitment to high quality child centred learning and who is passionate about working creatively with children and their families. For more details please click here.

SCL Summer Holiday Club

Dates are available to book now (the summer term dates to follow). To book click here or call SCL on 0345 644 5747.

Juniors’ World Cup Sweepstake

This morning, the junior school council drew teams for the juniors World Cup sweepstake. 6S seemed to be particularly lucky! The teams drawn are as follows:

  • 3BC: Morocco, Costa Rica, Denmark & Iceland
  • 3H:  Portugal, Belgium, Panama & Poland
  • 4A: Japan, Russia, Australia & Argentina
  • 4G: Switzerland, Tunisia, Peru & Senegal
  • 5S: Spain, South Korea, Serbia & Croatia
  • 5W: France, Mexico, England & Uruguay
  • 6B: Iran, Sweden, Egypt & Saudi Arabia
  • 6S: Germany, Brazil, Nigeria & Columbia

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages 

  • Juniors – Collective Worship Music Concert (selected Year 3, 4 and 5), Early Morning reading with Mrs Fereday (selected Year 5), Tri Golf competition (selected Year 6), Summer Relays (selected Year 3, 4 and 5), Westbrook Medical Information (Year 6), Power of Picture (Year 4)
  • Infants –
  • Whole school – Parent Governor Election

May 25th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Last weekend, a group of parents did a wonderful job of repainting the mural in the infant playground, and painting a track and hopscotch grids. First break on Monday, the children rushed out, they loved playing on the track and hopscotch and a crowd formed to admire the mural. I am very grateful to the parents who gave up their time to paint.

The junior children have loved meeting the micropigs, Twisty and Peter, this week. I know several children have brought their parents to see them! The micropigs will be coming to the infants the second week after half-term, and I know the children are already excited!

Today was Enterprise Day, and children from Year 2 to Year 6 came to a special trading fair at the juniors. The theme was recycling, and children had recycled items to make games and things to sell. It was wonderful to see the initiative that each class and taken, and the enthusiasm with which they were attracting customers! Enterprise Day has a micropig link, as all profits will be subject to a piggy tax! I am amazed by the amounts raised by each class. We obviously have a number of young entrepreneurs in our midst. The amounts raised by each class were as follows:

  • Green Class £45
  • Yellow Class £20
  • 3BC £112.98
  • 3H £36.25
  • 4A £77.49
  • 4G £39.25
  • 5S £102.66
  • 5W £137.40
  • 6B £21
  • 6S £107.30

Teachers will be deciding with their class what they will spend the money on.

You can see photos of the infant playground, Enterprise Day and the pigs in the attached newsletter.

Pick Up After School

It is important that you tell your child if someone different is collecting them after school, and that the class teacher knows that. Before school, please make sure you have told your child and emailed the class teacher if something different is happening with pick-up. We know if a child is going to Connect or an after-school club, but we cannot let somebody else pick up your child unless you have said so. It would be most helpful if you could send an email to the class email address before 8 a.m., so we can be confident that the message can be read by the class teacher. On the rare occasion that plans change during the day, you should call the school office.

Sex and Relationships Education

After half term we will be delivering our Sex and Relationship Education curriculum for Y1 to Y6 as part of Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) lessons. For further information on our Sex  and Sex and Relationship Education curriculum, please click here. The School Health Team will be coming for the first time to provide sessions for Years 5 and 6. These SRE sessions have been run in over 75% of Kingston schools and we understand are very well received.

Next Term First Day – Tuesday 5th June

The staff have an INSET day on Monday 4th June and school will be closed. Children should come back to school on Tuesday 5th June.

I hope that you have a good half-term and manage to get a break with your family.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages

  • Juniors – Year 5 and 6 Tennis Competition (selected children),
  • Infants –
  • Whole school –

May 18th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our Year 6 children have worked so hard this week, sitting the KS2 SATS tests. The tests are demanding and the questions hard. We were so pleased with the calm and focussed attitudes the children had, and proud of all the work they had done. (I know that the delicious breakfast, the biscuits and the squash did seem to help!) Today, they went to the park to celebrate and you can see photos of that, and much more, in the attached newsletter. It has also been lovely to see the home learning projects today. They were so creative and full of variety. Once again, I know the children, and indeed the parents, worked very hard to produce such high quality items. There is also a photo of our Year 4 tennis team in the newsletter, they played fantastically and came second in the borough competition.

Class Photos

Next Tuesday is class photo day. Please send children in in their summer uniform, ready to be photographed.

Enterprise Day – Friday 25th May

Next Friday, 26th May, will be Enterprise Day, where the children will be learning about buying and selling. At the juniors, each class has designed a product or activity, using recycled materials, to sell at a Trading Fair. Children from Year 2 to Year 6 will go to the fair and will be encouraged to bring in some money to spend (£3 is the recommended amount).

To develop the junior children’s economic awareness, there will be pig tax on profits: £10 or 20%, whichever is greater. Tax revenue will fund an additional week of the micro-pigs. All other profits will be spent on resources the class who earned them choose.


Next week we are going to be looking after micro-pigs at the juniors and then again for a week early June at the infants.  The children are very excited about seeing the pigs, and so are some of the staff! We are all going to enjoy looking after them, have the chance to teach them a trick (what clever animals), and learn how to care for these miniature pigs.

Talking to Teachers

The end of the day is an excellent time to talk to teachers. If you do want a conversation with your child’s teacher, please wait until the majority of the children in the class have been dismissed (or at least the initial rush is over!) before coming to talk to them.

Cello Lessons – Next Week

Lydia Kwon has had to change her lessons next week from Wednesday to Monday. Your child’s lesson time will be the same as usual, just on Monday not Wednesday.

Year 1 Lunchbowl Fundraising

Thank you very much with supporting your children with their Lunchbowl fundraising today. We measured a massive 50 meters of change and await Lunchbowl to tell us how much that actually is!

Home Learning

For maths home learning, please click here.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This Week’s ParentMail messages 

  • Juniors – Festival of school choirs (Year 5 and 6 choir), Boys Kwik cricket (selected children)
  • Infants –
  • Whole school –

May 11th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Today, Green Class released their butterflies! Yellow Class’ will have emerged from their chrysalises on Monday and will be released then. Both Year 2 classes used their cake sale money to buy caterpillars, a reminder of the additional opportunities children have, because of the generosity of parents.

Next week, the children in Year 6 will take their SATS tests for reading, grammar, spelling and maths. They will begin their day with a cooked breakfast at the Infants, before they head up to the Juniors for the tests. SATS are challenging, but the children have worked very hard through the year, and should be proud of what they have achieved. Do think of them, while they are doing their tests and we know they would appreciate your prayers.

This afternoon, Mr Burkinshaw and I met with the parent reps. We are grateful to all of them for the work they put in representing their classes. We had a helpful discussion, a summary of which is here.

Y6 SATS Breakfast @ Infants Site

A reminder that the children should arrive at the Infant Site for 8.00 a.m. sharp. Breakfast will be served between 8.00 a.m. and 8.20 a.m.. Members of staff will then walk the children to the Junior Site.

Environmentally Aware

This morning, children at the juniors were inspired by two parents – Mrs Giles and Mrs Burich – who came to talk about what we could do to protect the environment. Their focus was plastic waste, and they encouraged the children to think of the difference they could make. One thing the children were keen to try was to only bring in reusable water bottles, and they would love your support in this.

Class Photographs

Class photographs will be taken on Tuesday 22nd May at both sites.

Painting the Infant mural – REVISED DATE– Saturday 20th May

If you are available from 2 p.m. on Sunday 20th May to join in with re-painting the infant mural, please contact Sarah Bodley-Scott on for more details.

Do you have old pots of exterior masonry paint sitting in your shed?

We are after exterior, smooth masonry paint for our infant mural on the brick wall.  We have some colours already but are looking for black, red, orange (terracotta), light green or any other bright colours.  If you do have any you no longer require please drop them at the infant office next week by Friday 18th May.

Recorders with Mrs Bishop next week

There will be no recorders next week with Mrs Bishop on Monday lunchtime or Wednesday morning.

Save the Date – Saturday 7th July 

We will be taking part in the New Malden Parade once again this year.  Do put 7th July in your diary and watch out for further updates!

Collection of children by another person

Please always let the class teacher or office know if someone other than parent/regular childminder is collecting your child.

Walking to School 

We are noticing that some children who have permission to walk to school in the morning are arriving as early as 8.00 a.m.  Please note that, for their safety the children should not be arriving before the gates open at 8.40 a.m.

Barnes Children’s Literature Festival – This Weekend

If there is space in your diary this weekend, do look at the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival. There are plenty of events, many free, and there are opportunities for children to meet some of their favourite authors. For more information visit their website.

SCL Half Term Holiday Club – INSET Day added

SCL have confirmed that the club will run on INSET day Monday 4th June – this (and the half term dates) are available to book now. Click here or call SCL on 0345 644 5747.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages

  • Juniors –  Bikeability Year 5 (those who have expressed interest),
  • Infants –
  • Whole school –

May 4th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

As I have walked around the school, this week, I have seen learning take place in so many ways. In the infants, children were learning to tell familiar stories using puppets. In the juniors, children were writing on their desks (as instructed to!) and making faces out of fruit – one of the portraits was of Meghan Markle! Do have a look at the photos in the attached newsletter.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In light of the new data protection laws which come in to force this month, we want you to know:

  • We already have a strict data protection policy
  • Data is kept secure and used appropriately
  • Much will stay the same, but with GDPR it will bring even better security and greater transparency
  • In many areas consent is not needed as schools have a duty to keep children safe and deliver a high standard of education and are legally required to collect and process some types of personal data.
  • Where consent is needed, you will be asked for it in a clear manner and allowed to remove it, if you wish.

Home Learning

For maths home learning, please click here.


Yesterday, the NSPCC warned parents about the dangers of Fortnite, the online game, especially the risk of children being contacted by strangers. There is a good summary in this BBC article and the NSPCC have some resources to help parents and children be aware of sharing online.

Spare DVDs

If you have any old DVDs which would be suitable for primary school children (Certificate PG or U), we would love to have them for wet plays.

Are you handy with a paint brush? 

We will be painting the Infant playground mural and a new track for the children to run and cycle around. We are looking for parent volunteers to help with the painting on the afternoon of Saturday 12th May.  While parents paint the children can play in the playground!
If you and your family can spare an hour or two please email Sarah King.

Junior Gardening

If you are able to help Mrs Brooks with gardening at the juniors, please let the office know. Ideally we are looking for two volunteers for a regular weekly slot for one hour.

Music Tuition

Kingston Music Service (KMS) provides instrumental and vocal music lessons to young people in Kingston’s schools and music centres. The service runs a range of music ensembles to support young people’s musical journey and enable them to play with other young musicians. For more information about their services and to apply for lessons please see the attached leaflet or visit their website.

Nursery Fun – Friday 22nd June

On Friday 22nd June, we will be having our Nursery Fun on the Field Day when the children show their physical skills like balancing, crawling, kicking a ball, catching and more. Parents are invited to come at 9.10 a.m. to watch their child. It will last until about 10 or 10.30 a.m. This will be for all nursery children, morning, afternoon and full time.

SATS Breakfast – 14th – 17th May

During SATS week, Year 6 children traditionally come to breakfast at the infants. There will be sausages and pancakes, as well as cereals and fruit – all for the bargain price of £2 for four breakfasts. Year 6 parents will receive a separate email to book.

Good News Club

There are three places currently available for Good News Club on Tuesdays at the Junior site. Please email the office if your child would like to attend.

I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages 

Juniors –  Year 5 and 6 Tennis Competition (selected children),
Whole school