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February 26th 2021

Dear Parents / Carers,

It was so exciting to receive on Monday the official confirmation that school will be able to reopen from 8th March. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on that day. It should be nice and straightforward this time. We will use the same start and end times which we were using before the holidays; likewise, we will use the same entrances and exits. We will continue to offer Connect on the same sites as before.

It has been very reassuring to see the infection rate drop in the area. However, we are aware that there are still more positive cases than there were last summer. We would therefore like to remind everyone of the measures that we will take to keep people safe.

We will continue to

  • Ensure staff take lateral flow tests (rapid tests) twice a week in order to identify any asymptomatic infection or any other cases promptly.
  • Keep the two sites separate in the weeks up to Easter and then we will review the situation.
  • Organise regular handwashing/ hand sanitising. (You are most welcome to send your child in with their own sanitiser and/or hand cream if their hands are sensitive, as we know it can prove uncomfortable for some).
  • Ensure that classrooms and other spaces are well ventilated
  • Keep bubbles separate at all times including playtimes.

We would ask you to

  • Maintain social distancing outside school and always wear a mask. If you keep as close to your time slot as possible then there should be less congestion.
  • Keep your child off school if they show any of the main symptoms (even if briefly) and seek a test.
  • Alert us immediately if you have any concerns, and particularly if someone in your family receives a positive test result (
  • Seek a weekly lateral flow (rapid) test for your child (the weekend is the best time as it allows us to start the new week with confidence). This is not compulsory, but we know that it is valued by staff and families alike, who wish to reduce the risks to the minimum. Indeed, we have managed to identify a number of asymptomatic cases rapidly this way, and therefore potentially reduced wider spread. We would also appreciate to hear the result via (or as that provides further reassurance. Do contact me if you wish to discuss individual circumstances further.
  • Limit your use of multiple out-of-school settings providers, and only use one out-of-school setting in addition to school as far as possible. Do check providers have put in place their own protective measures.

We need everyone to play their part, as this will both avoid new people becoming infected and also the need to shut a bubble. (I would be so sad to have to do so, when we have only just reopened again).  I would like to thank you in advance for all your support. One of the great blessings and encouragements of this difficult time has been experiencing the richness of being in such a special community.

Welcoming Back

There are four weeks from the full reopening of schools and the Easter holidays. This how we will use these weeks:

  • Week 1 (8th – 12th March) – Resettling – We will help the children get back in the rhythm and routines of school life and help them all feel happy and settled back at school. Please do contact us even before this week if you have any concerns about your child that we can help with.
  • Week 2 (15th – 19th March) – Identifying – We will begin the process of identifying gaps in learning due to the school closures and establishing where each child is in their learning. Starting this week, Mr Burkinshaw and I will meet with every class teacher and talk through how every child is doing.
  • Week 3 (22nd – 26th March) – Communicating – There will be two virtual parents’ evenings, giving parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss how their child is getting on. This will enable you to share with us your child’s individual experiences during lockdown, your insights and concerns and also our insights on return.
    • Tuesday 23rd March – 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
    • Thursday 25th March – 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (School will finish early on this day)
  • Week 4 (29th – 31st March) – Celebrating – We will use the last three days of term to celebrate being back together and the coming Easter festival. We will end the term with a virtual Easter Celebration on Wednesday 31st March.

Email Addresses

Over half-term, we changed our email system. If you want to email your child’s class teacher, please email, e.g. or If you want to contact Mr. Burkinshaw or me, our addresses are and

Advanced planning for the summer term

We wish to maximise the opportunities for learning during the summer term. We will therefore be delaying our assessments and our report writing until after half term in order to celebrate the progress that your child will have made.  We therefore propose to delay our INSET day, which was initially scheduled for Friday 28th May until Friday 2nd July. We will also hold another INSET day on Monday 5th July (this is the INSET day which was postponed from March).  This will enable the teachers to use the time to write reports and give you a very clear picture of your child’s development. We hope that it also will enable you to enjoy some good weather as the restrictions start to lift! Please do not hesitate to contact us, if these changes will present a challenge to you.

PTA Sponsored Climb

Congratulations to all of our intrepid climbers. Together as a school and PTA we have climbed an amazing 408,130 stairs, equivalent to summiting Everest 8 times!

In so-doing, we have raised an extremely impressive £3,299 in sponsorship this term and a total of £4,299 in donations since the start of the appeal in November.

Thank you all so much for your generosity, which has allowed the speedy ordering of the new nursery climbing frame, ready for the school’s reopening on the 8th March! As I write, we have just been advised that the work is completed and it looks very smart indeed. We would like to thank both the PTA and Mr Brown for their dedication in overseeing such a successful project.

Reminder: Closing dates for Nursery Applications 2021

Please note that the closing date for Nursery applications is next Friday, 5th March 2021.

Online Drama Club

Drama Workshops are again running their online drama courses this half term for infant and junior children. For more information and booking details see the Clubs page on our website.

World Book Day – 4th March

As you know, next Thursday is World Book Day. The World Book Day website has lots of free audiobooks in the run up to this. In addition, an activity we thought it might be fun for children to participate in at home is a book hunt! Book covers can be hidden round the house or garden and children need to find them all then figure out the missing letters to discover a message. Please the attached book hunt challenge materials if you’d like to have a go at this.

Kingston Libraries – Upcoming Workshops in March

Celebrate World Book Day with this special event from our favourite storytellers Cat & Hutch. They’re back to take you on another magical book journey – this time to The Secret Garden, based on the classic children’s story by Frances Hodgson Burnett. A live storytelling event on Zoom for ages 7 – 11 on Thursday 4 March 2021 at 4pm. Approx 50 mins long.

We’re celebrating British Science week in March by launching a series of maths workshops for children ages 5-11 brought to you by Explore Learning. These will be hosted on Zoom and taught in small groups.

  • Friday 5 March at 4pm. Maths Wizard. (ages 5-7)
  • Friday 12 March at 4pm. Maths Sorcerer. (ages 8-9)
  • Friday 19 March at 4pm. A Piece of Cake. (ages 9-11)
  • Friday 27 March at 4pm. Word Problems. (ages 9-11)

Please make sure to book online if you would like your child to take part.

Free Tennis Lessons for School Children

Hit The Line Tennis are offering every school child a chance to play and learn tennis for free.

When the restrictions are eased, and tennis is permitted again in April, they would love to invite as many children to play tennis with them at New Malden Sports Club. Their sessions take place outside and over multiple courts where needed. They also have hand washing and social distancing procedures in place for all lessons.

The dates of the lessons will be confirmed in the next few weeks, when they have seen what interest they have, but will be during the month of April.

Please email Paul at to register your interest and get more information.

Tabitha White, Headteacher

February 12th 2021

Dear Parents / Carers,

Well, we have made it to half term! It is very encouraging to see the infection rate dropping. Indeed, as I write, we have had no positive cases in school over the last two weeks. I hope that this trend continues and that the government will announce that we can reopen on 8th March. We await their ‘road map’ on 22nd February.

I know that the range of possibilities available at half term will be limited, but I hope that you all enjoy the possibilities for later starts in the morning and more relaxed days. I know that the children will enjoy a pause from Google Classroom, as indeed will the adults who are looking forward to screen free days! I think we should all be very proud of our children who have tried so hard to engage with learning, even though they are missing their friends and normality.

Half Term Challenges

In his assembly on Monday, Mr Burkinshaw gave the children three challenges they could do over half-term:

  • Challenge 1 Could they be an action movie kid, like the child in this video? There are plenty of free apps parents can download on their phones so their child can make their own special effect video.
  • Challenge 2 The artist, Andy Goldsworthy, makes art out of nature. Mr Burkinshaw encouraged children to go for a walk and collect some natural things and use them to make some art, like in this video. When they have done it, take a picture and send it in.
  • Challenge 3 It cheers us all up to laugh, so Mr Burkinshaw’s last challenge was for children to video themselves telling a joke to make us all laugh.

Mr Burkinshaw did tell the children that they did not have to do any of the challenges, but if they did they should talk to their parents and ask them to email videos or photos of completed challenges to him at

World Book Day

World Book Day this year falls on Thursday 4th March. We would love for those both in school and at home to come to lessons dressed as a book character. This year we are having a theme of ‘make your own’ where we are encouraging children to create their costumes from things they already have at home.  This may prove to be an excellent project over half term!

Staying Safe over Half Term 

After a very tough winter we are all looking forward to nicer weather and brighter days, but right now we are at a very important moment of the pandemic.

Cases of COVID-19 in Kingston are falling, but not as quickly as we need them to. The next four weeks are critical in our battle to suppress the spread of the virus. We must make sure the sacrifices we have all made in lockdown don’t go to waste.

It remains as important as ever to continue following the rules:

  • Stay local – we are still in a national lockdown. Do not travel around the country and don’t mix households
  • Continue to follow the rules if you have had a vaccination. This will help prevent the virus from spreading, protecting others and the NHS
  • Testing and self-isolation rules remain the same. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you must start to self-isolate immediately and book a test. Self-isolation should happen for ten days from when you first get symptoms and those in your household must also self-isolate
  • Stay vigilant – practice ‘Hands, Face, Space’ at all times

For more information about keeping safe over February half term visit the Public Health blog.

Class Emails

We are updating our email system over half-term. Whilst most emails will automatically migrate to our new host, please don’t send any emails to class email addresses until after half-term.

Children’s Safeguarding Newsletter

We all know that these have been such challenging times for children and adults alike. Your child may find this newsletter written by children for children helpful in both expressing their feelings and in thinking of ways to help with them.

Eligibility for Free School Meals

We are aware that some family’s circumstances will have changed because of the pandemic. Do check if you might be entitled to ‘free school meals’. If you apply and are successful, this will help you by providing free school meals, even if your child is in the juniors, meal vouchers over the holidays and a free hoodie from school. It will also bring extra funds into the school which we can use to support your child.

Please see the application form. (We would also like to advise you that there have been temporary changes to the awards of free school meals for a few families in light of the epidemic. These are families with no recourse to public funds. The changes include the increase in the income threshold from £16,190 per annum to £31,500 per annum for London. If this might apply to you, do apply.)

PTA Virtual Gin Masterclass, 8pm on Friday 26th February

Please join us for a one hour collaboration between No 97 Gin Bar and CCNM PTA on Friday 26th Feb at 8pm. Taste three different locally brewed “Goodlife” gins paired with three different tonics – £20 per person with £5 per ticket sold being donated to our PTA. Local collection or delivery only.

Tickets will be available in the ParentMail shop until next Sunday (Feb 21st). Why not buy a ticket for your partner too so that you both get to taste?

To contact the PTA organisers: or No 97 Gin Bar:

Half Term Online Drama Workshops 

During February half term, Perform are running online drama workshops for Reception to Year 6 children. You can read all about the classes here.

For one hour each day, their team of theatre professionals will inspire and encourage the children as they combine drama, dance and singing into a magical experience. They’ll encourage them to project their voices, learn energetic dance routines, sing catchy songs and develop the Perform 4 Cs: Confidence, Concentration, Communication and Coordination. The course costs £60 for the 5 days.

I hope you are able to get a break over the half-term holiday. 

Tabitha White, Headteacher

February 5th 2021

Dear Parents / Carers

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the survey about remote learning and for all your positive comments. I would agree with you that the staff have been so impressive in the way they have risen very rapidly to the challenge of another lockdown and developed their skills to new heights. I know that they have worked tirelessly to do so and we are, like you, hoping that the next major announcement says that we can reopen again on 8th March.

The vast majority of you agreed that the amount of work set seems right. However, I know that everyone’s circumstances are different.  Above all, we must all focus on coming through this difficult time as positively as possible. If that means that your child is not able to attend all the lessons or submit all the work, we do understand, particularly if they are younger members of the school. (The older children should be able to work more independently and use their chromebooks to access the learning). We would just ask you to keep us informed. Do let us know if we can help in any way and also encourage your child to do the same.

I do have a sense that many families and children have found this week particularly hard as they miss seeing other people, both relations and friends and as they feel stretched in many different directions. We have therefore added a new ‘Worry Button’ to our Google Classrooms so that children can themselves let us know if they are feeling sad or worried about anything. We have shared this with them in this week’s Friday Celebration Assembly.

Planning for the rest of the term

It does not seem wise to draw up too many plans for the rest of term, while our return date is uncertain. However, we have decided to postpone the INSET day which had been scheduled for Friday 12th March 2021. There has been enough disruption already to the term and so we will save this for later in the school year.

As soon as we know the ‘road map’ for reopening schools, we will be able to let you know about our plans for parents’ evenings as well.

School Health Virtual Drop In Appointments – 23rd February

School Health are currently offering all parents of CCNM pupils a virtual drop in appointment on Tuesday 23rd February to discuss any health concerns/worries they have. Please see the attached letter for more details and how to book.

vPlus Festival

Looking for something to do during half term? Join the vPlus Festival 15th-26th February 2021 – fun online festival for curious and enquiring minds!

This 12 day online festival from Potential Plus UK provides a programme of live presentations and creative challenges, some especially for children, some specifically for parents, and others for the whole family to enjoy. All 2021 vPlus Festival events are FREE OF CHARGE due to funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund.

Your free registration to the festival includes:

  • Full Access to over 50 sessions for children, families, schools and parents
  • Over 40 Brilliant Presenters including: Bobby Seagull, Jeff Forshaw, Roma Agrawal, Simon Singh, Alex Bellos, Jonathan Hare, Ben England, Barry Hymer, Peter Wells, Verity Jones, Helen Dennis and Bob Cox.
  • Saturday and Sunday Challenges, social sessions, chess exhibition, family quiz and a Private Minecraft Server for children
  • Festival Community via a Private Facebook Group
  • Video Recordings of the Sessions

View the programme and register here:

Tabitha White, Headteacher

January 29th 2021

Dear Parents / Carers

The Government have made clear that the earliest date schools will fully reopen is Monday 8th March. This is far longer than we expected when we were told at the start of the year that schools would be closed to most pupils. For parents, this means at least eight weeks of supporting your children’s learning at home and we are very aware of the pressures that causes. We know that many parents are finding it so hard to juggle the demands of home life, whether younger children or work, and supporting their child’s remote learning. We would like to reassure you that the most important factor in this all is your family’s wellbeing. You may not be able to support your children in the same way that we can in school. (Indeed, it would be a surprise if you could, as that is what we are qualified to do!). If, however, you can keep a routine going and help build stamina, that will mean that the return to school will not be so challenging.  We appreciate your support of the school and of the community in keeping the children at home where possible. We know you will be concerned about the impact on children’s academic and social development and we are absolutely committed to doing everything we can to remedy this, this year and in the future. Above all, please keep us informed. No problem is too small – we may just be able to help!

As remote learning will be continuing for longer than we thought, we would like to review our approach and your experiences at home. We are aware that there is a fine line between supporting your child’s learning and creating too much pressure for the family. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to meet the Government’s high expectations for remote learning, and it has been lovely to read your messages of gratitude. We have worked hard to deliver daily live lessons and set work for children to do at home, but we are aware that it is not possible to fully teach subjects like PE, art, DT and science as effectively remotely as in the classroom.  We are also aware that some families are finding it hard to complete all the tasks in light of their own circumstances. I would urge you to contact your child’s teacher if that is the case as some tasks are more important than others.

We have sent parents/carers a short remote learning survey to help us design remote learning for the next four weeks. It would be very helpful if you completed the survey by Monday 1st February to allow us to reflect on and implement any changes.

Wimbledon Dons – Foodbank Collection – Thursday 4th February

We have been fortunate to be able to support some of our families to access online learning with donated devices from the ‘Keeping Kids Connected’ initiative run by the ‘Wimbledon Dons’.  (You may have seen them outside a local supermarket for food donations.)

As part of their Christmas charity initiative, Y5 were collecting for the foodbank, but sadly the collection had to be postponed.  This has now been rearranged for Thursday 4th February.  Please can we encourage you, if you are able, to support this charity as a way of giving back and to recognise their support to the school.

If your child is in school – please send in donations to the class on Monday 1st/Tuesday 2nd.

If your child is learning from home, please consider donating at their collection points at the   supermarket.

Emotional Wellbeing

Please see the attached flyer from Claire Stevens, our Junior Pastoral Mentor, for some suggestions about ways of looking after our wellbeing.

PTA events for your diary

  • Lockdown III Family Quiz
    Join us on Sunday 7th February at 4pm on Zoom for the third installment of our fun, family-friendly quiz. Please see the attached poster. Tickets available on ParentMail NOW! Entry £10 per family. Places are limited so get your ticket soon! (Visit the shop in ParentMail).
  • PTA sponsored climb
    The PTA are organising a sponsored climb for classes to complete between 8th and 22nd February.  Each class can choose their challenge – who will take on Everest?  More information and links to sponsor forms will follow. We hope all the children can enjoy an active few weeks and help the PTA raise money to fund new outdoor play equipment for the school.
  • Gin Tasting
    One for the adults! Please save the date for a gin tasting evening via Zoom on Friday 26th February at 8pm. Look out for more details and how to book in the coming weeks.

Tabitha White, Headteacher

January 22nd 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

It seems strange to think that my main form of communication with your families is now via a camera or a written bulletin!  Thank you so much for all you have done to make arrangements to keep your children at home where possible and to keep everyone safe. I am enjoying the opportunity to see the children, at least virtually, via the live lessons and to celebrate all their enthusiasm and creative ideas.

This week, we are focusing on promoting reading. What perfect escapism! You will already have received a letter about the Spark Reading Awards and the children will be able to watch a video in today’s celebration assembly telling them more. Below, you will see two other suggestions about ways of supporting your child’s reading: let’s read, read, read!

New Chatterbooks Reading Clubs

Kingston Libraries has launched two new monthly Chatterbooks Reading Clubs for children aged 6-8 and 9-11, on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. via Zoom. Find new recommended reads, chat about books, take quizzes and try your hand at creative writing and illustrating. This fun club is completely free. Please use this link to book through Eventbrite.

Free books for your child to read during lockdown

The National Literacy Trust have liaised with Oak Academy to offer high quality books for children to read online during lockdown. Use this link to find out more  Their first Virtual School Library author of the week is Jacqueline Wilson! You can read her most popular book, The Story of Tracy Beaker, for FREE, find out more about Jacqueline’s inspiration for writing in an exclusive video and download fun activities to try at home, including a mask, a wordsearch and a brilliant quiz. They have also now uploaded The Girl Who Stole an Elephant.

Perform Online Sessions

Perform is running online drama, dance and singing classes during the lockdown via Zoom. All children are welcome to try a Free Trial Session. If this is of interest to you, please see their website for further details.

Have a lovely, if strange weekend!

Tabitha White, Headteacher

January 15th 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are now at the end of the initial two weeks of school closure. It is reassuring to see that the infection rate has started to drop, but it is still very high (707 per 100 000), and indeed higher than it was before the Christmas holidays. I would therefore like to thank all of you who are managing to keep your children at home, often whilst juggling the demands of a busy job with online meetings, phone calls, emails etc.  When we heard that lockdown was extending until at least the February half term, we promised to review our approach. We have therefore considered additional requests which we received from families and also the needs of individuals and balanced these with the importance of keeping numbers down, offering a range of support where possible.  We have offered a small number of extra places. If, however, you feel your circumstances have changed, please contact myself ( or Mr Burkinshaw ( Likewise, if we can help in any way to make accessing teaching and learning easier at home do contact the classteacher, Mr Burkinshaw, Mrs Roe or myself.

Gratitude Exercises

At the end of my last celebration assembly, I encouraged children to reflect each day on three things they were thankful for and to let me know. It was lovely to hear how many juniors are enjoying their new Chromebooks, and the timing of their arrival seems perfect for lockdown. I also chuckled when they mentioned seeing Mrs Forte’s new dog online and we look forward to the time when they can actually see Ernie at the Infants. Do send in your child’s thank yous to

Application for Reception 2021

Please note that today (Friday 15th January) is the last date for applying for a Reception space for 2021. If you have not submitted your application yet, it needs to happen today!

Tabitha White, Headteacher

January 8th 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

What a start to 2021. I think it would be an understatement to say that it has felt rather flat and a disappointment!  Thank you so much for bearing with so many messages and last minute communications. Thank you also for supporting us as we venture into the brave new world of live lessons at such a pace. I hope that they will be a game changer in engaging children in their learning and helping them not feel forgotten. I would like to thank the teachers for their incredible hard work in planning for and adapting to the new normal so rapidly. As always, I am so proud of the team that I work with! As time goes on, we would like to expand what we are offering to include some social times for chatting with break out rooms. Watch this space!

As you have had a number of messages from me this week, this will be a very brief update. It just remains for me to wish you a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

Tabitha White, Headteacher

December 18th 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we come to the end of such a strange year, I would like to thank you all for your words of support and encouragement, even when I was having to ask people to self isolate! I think we will all be glad to see the end of 2020! Having said that, it has been a year full of special moments as well. I have loved seeing the smiles on children’s faces as they returned to school and feeling the excitement in the air. I have loved the sense of community and all the little (or not so little!) treats you have shared with us. I have loved working with a team I am so proud of, who have all pulled together and been willing to take the risk of catching Covid- 19 for the sake of the children. I know that for some of you, this year has brought great sadness and our thoughts are with you. This year has also given us many special memories, and I hope that watching your children’s performances will give you some more too!

I wish you all the following blessing:

The wisdom of the Wonderful Counsellor guide you,

The strength of the Mighty God defend you,

The love of the Everlasting Father enfold you, and

The peace of the Prince of Peace be upon you.

Miss Stray’s Local Area Photography Competition – best photographs win prizes

Over the Christmas break, we will be holding a photography competition to help promote the geography of the local area. This is a great opportunity to explore some picturesque local sites while out and about. The only rules are that photos need to be taken by the children and within the borough of Kingston. Other than that, be as creative as you want! Not only will there be a prize for the winner but a special newsletter will go out to showcase the variety of the entries received.

Please send all entries to by Wednesday 6th January.

Online Christingle Services – Saturday 19th AND Christmas Eve, both at 4 p.m.

St John’s Church would love to invite you all to join them for their popular Christingle service which is happening online this year. Please contact them at to sign up for your free Christingle pack and then join Geoff the Puppet and others on your preferred date for a fun-packed service at

Christ Church Christmas Trail

Christ Church is doing a ‘Christmas Trail’ for children. It’s free, but people do need to book a timed ticket in advance – it’s designed to be Covid safe and only one family will be able to walk through at a time.

‘This Christmas, our hall will be transformed into a magical Christmas Trail, so that children can come and experience the nativity story for themselves! It will be open for five afternoons from 1-4pm from Saturday 19th December until Wednesday 23rd December . Entry is FREE but timed tickets must be booked in advance, one household/support bubble per ticket to ensure social distancing.

Please sign up everyone in your group and let us know the names and ages of the children.

Face coverings must be worn by adults once inside the building (unless you are exempt).’

People can book tickets online here:

They are also doing an online Children’s Carol Service on Sunday which will be available to watch on their YouTube Channel:

It will have Christmas Carol singalongs, and costumes etc. so hopefully good fun for any children who want to join in at home! (The video hasn’t gone live yet but it will be there on Sunday!)

Mental Health Services

Should you find these helpful, we have attached the following information which provide the details of the mental health crisis lines and online counselling services available over the holiday period.

Online Drama Club

Drama Workshops will again be offering online drama courses for infant and junior children next term. Please see the attached form for booking and further details.

Keeping everyone safe at Christmas

It was a relief not to hear about any more cases on our final day. However we do still need families to keep us informed about any positive cases at the start of the holidays, as we will be expected to lead the ‘track and trace’.

  • Up until 23rd December, if a pupil tests positive for coronavirus, having developed symptoms within 48 hours of being in school, the school is asked to assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the pupil may have been infectious whilst in school.
  • The school should only be contacted if the child has developed symptoms or tested positive within 48 hours of last being in school. In this situation, please contact us via our dedicated email and we will contact you and anybody who has been a close contact of your child.
  • Where a pupil tests positive for coronavirus, having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in school, the school should not be contacted. Parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.

I wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and every blessing in 2021.

Tabitha White,


December 11th 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

As I write this, I am surrounded by a school full of children with the most amazing Christmas jumpers, and a sense of excitement in the air! The juniors are filming their Christmas poems and the infants are making final edits on their performances. We will send you private links to your classes’ performance next week so you can enjoy watching them with your children at home.

This week, it has been lovely to hear all your messages of thanks and support via our parent representatives. I think it also turned out to be the shortest list of queries and concerns that we have ever had.  A summary of the points discussed which affect more than one class has been sent to all parents/carers.

Thank you once again for your generous donations, which keep coming in. This week we would like to thank our anonymous donors. We will be using our latest sums to buy more Pritt Sticks, which are so invaluable! We would also like to thank you all on behalf of the governors for your very generous donations (more than ever before!).

Keeping everyone safe and ensuring a happy Christmas

Please could I urge everyone to be very cautious next week. We have been so fortunate as a school to have so few positive cases. Whilst I would usually want to see as high an attendance rate as possible, next week I would ask you to keep your child at home if you have any concerns about their health.  If we have to ask people to self-isolate now, it will obviously affect their Christmas and everyone is hoping for a good time after such a challenging year. If your child does show potential symptoms and you need to seek a test, please tell us straightaway and also advise us about the outcome of the test.

Likewise, we will need families to keep us informed about any positive cases at the start of the holidays, as we will be expected to lead the ‘track and trace’.

  • For the first 6 days after teaching ends, if a pupil tests positive for coronavirus, having developed symptoms within 48 hours of being in school, the school is asked to assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the pupil may have been infectious whilst in school.
  • The school should only be contacted if the child has developed symptoms or tested positive within 48 hours of last being in school. In this situation, please contact us via our dedicated email and we will contact you and anybody who has been a close contact of your child.
  • Where a pupil tests positive for coronavirus, having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in school, the school should not be contacted. Parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.

Christmas Parties – Thursday 17th December

Next Thursday, every class will have their Christmas party. Children can wear their own clothes, but may well have some of the party outside, so their clothes may get dirty! Children will be given some individually wrapped party food, please go to the ParentMail shop to donate £1 towards the cost of this.

Last Day of Term – Thursday 17th December

Thursday 17th December will be our last day in school. On Friday 18th December we will provide remote learning which will feature our end of term service, which you are welcome to enjoy as a family, and other creative activities. As this is a day earlier than originally planned, we will finish on Thursday 17th at our normal time and our final activity will be our class parties.

SCL have agreed to offer an extra day of their holiday club on 18th December for any families needing childcare. They would need to have a minimum of 8 children to run the club. Please could you complete the ParentMail form “Additional SCL Holiday Club” by lunchtime on Monday 14th December to express an interest.

Children will return to school as planned on Tuesday 5th January.

Online Christingle Services – Saturday 19th AND Christmas Eve, both at 4 p.m.

St John’s Church would love to invite you all to join them for their popular Christingle service which is happening online this year. Please contact them at to sign up for your free Christingle pack and then join Geoff the Puppet and others on your preferred date for a fun-packed service at

The Good Food Co-op

The Good Food Co-op is a new local not-for-profit organisation supplying fruit and veg boxes with a difference! Like other similar schemes, you can subscribe for a regular fruit or veg box, but every box purchased will help a local individual or family in need to receive fresh produce for free.

Working in partnership with Kingston Borough Council, Voices of Hope, the Foodbank and various churches, charities and businesses across the borough, the Good Food Co-op aims to make ethically and sustainably sourced fresh produce accessible for everybody.

St John’s Church (Kingston Road, opposite Aldi) is one of the local pick-up hubs, with boxes available for collection on Thursdays afternoons. To find out more, or to order a fruit or veg box, please visit the website –

Emotional Wellbeing

Please see the attached guidance from our Junior Pastoral Mentor, Claire Stevens, for this week’s suggestions about ways of looking after our wellbeing.

Reminder – Primary School Applications 

For any parents making primary school applications for September 2021 entry, you can apply online here. The closing date for applications is Friday 15 January 2021. You must submit your application and any supplementary information forms by this date. We will be offering socially distanced tours at 3.45pm everyday between 4th and 15th January 2021. Please contact the office to book a place.

Best wishes,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

December 4th 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week the preparations for Christmas have started in earnest. I have been very impressed by the creativity of the teachers as they tackle the challenge of creating and filming performances, whilst avoiding singing in order to keep everyone safe. You may have heard that the Government has just given schools permission to offer live performances, with real audiences. However, we would not wish to compromise anyone’s safety, particularly as we approach Christmas. We are pleased that we have had to ask so few people to self-isolate to date. We would hate to be asking groups to self-isolate over the Christmas period. We will send you private links so you can watch the performances in the comfort of your home with your families.

Thank you once again for your generous donations, which keep coming in. This week we would like to thank the families of the following pupils:

  • Daniel and Angela Kim
  • Grace Lee

and our anonymous donors.

We will use the latest funds to buy a class set of dictionaries.

Keeping Everyone Safe at Christ Church

As we approach Christmas, we are particularly keen to avoid having to close any bubbles and to keep any transmission of the infection to a minimum. If your child does show one of the key symptoms, please keep them at home and arrange a test. Please could we also remind everyone that if one person in a family has to seek a test, the whole household should self- isolate until a negative test result has been received. If, of course a positive result is received then the person tested needs to self-isolate for 10 days and the rest of the household for 14 days.

Thank You Message from Elleray Hall

Elleray Hall is a registered charity and daytime social centre where people living in and around Teddington can go to meet friends and take part in a range of activities, chat over tea and coffee and enjoy a good home cooked lunch. Many of our children have been busy making cards and decorated hearts with messages to go in Christmas gift bags for their members and they have sent us the following message:

 “Huge thanks goes to Christ Church New Malden C of E Primary School for fabulous homemade cards and gifts to send to Elleray Hall members this Christmas. They will be very much appreciated”.

Sponsored run for JDRF

Congratulations to Macaw class who ran 50 laps around the playground on Wednesday to raise money for JDRF – the type 1 Diabetes research charity. The run marked three years since classmate Oli was diagnosed with type 1, the autoimmune condition that requires 24/7 care and for which there is at present no cure. To date the class has raised an amazing £2,272. It is the third fundraising effort led by Oli who, with the help of family and friends, has raised over £15,000 for type 1 research.

“A huge thank you from Oli and his family for all the support shown by the school community. It means so much to us and our type 1 friends.”

Christmas Jumper Day

Next Friday 11th December is Christmas Jumper Day where children and staff can bring £1 to school and wear festive jumpers for the day over their uniform. All proceeds will go to support Lunchbowl, which funds Kindergarten places and hot meals for children in the Kibera slums. I was very sad to hear the latest update which said ‘The children in Kenya have been struck hard this year by covid. With schools being forced to close, many of the children have struggled to find food and of course nobody has access to online learning.’ It also spoke of a lack of basic clothing, even underwear. Let’s have a fun day and help others at the same time.

Safeguarding update: Domestic Abuse

As reported in the news, it is widely accepted that incidences of Domestic Abuse have increased during Covid.  The Safer Kingston Partnership have sent all schools a 1-page leaflet with information on support that is available locally.  This resource will be put onto the school’s Safeguarding website page should you know someone who may need help. 

If you feel that a child here at Christ Church needs help with dealing with issues of domestic violence, then please contact Alex Roe, Designated Safeguarding Lead, in confidence. 

Reminder: Christmas Lunch Order

If you would like your child to have a Christmas lunch on Wednesday 16th December, please go to the Feeding Hungry Minds website to order one. If you have already ordered a lunch for this day your original selection will have been deleted and you will need to go to the website to update your order.

Reminder: Nasal Flu Vaccination Catch Up

The school nurses will be returning to both the Infant and Junior site on Wednesday 9th December to administer the nasal flu vaccination to children whose parents consented but were unable to have the vaccine or were absent when these were carried out on 16th November. 

PTA Meeting – 9th December

Please join us for the final PTA meeting of term on Wednesday 9th December at 8pm. We will be reviewing spending needs and fundraising progress and developing the plan for next term. Hope to see you there!

Zoom dial in details have been sent to parents/carers.

Reminder: Parent Representatives Meeting

The term is speedily passing by, and it is time for another parent representative meeting. This will be on Thursday 10th December at 2 p.m. by Zoom. Mr Burkinshaw will send out the link by email. Do let your representatives have any comments or suggestions you would like to make. We do of course welcome the positive and celebratory, but also any ideas for ‘even better if….’

Reminder – Primary School Applications 

For any parents making primary school applications for September 2021 entry, you can apply online here. The closing date for applications is Friday 15 January 2021. You must submit your application and any supplementary information forms by this date. We will be offering socially distanced tours at 3.45pm everyday between 4th and 15th January 2021. Please contact the office to book a place.

Best wishes,

Tabitha White, Headteacher