Out of School Clubs and Activities

We run 3 choirs (for Year 2 children, Year 3 & 4 children and Year 5 & 6 children) and, at the Juniors, an orchestra and beginner, intermediate and advanced recorder groups

At the Juniors, we also run the Good News group which is run by the local Primary Schools’ Christian Worker. We offer Bikeability courses to children in Year 5 and Year 6.

A number of children on both sites have lessons provided through Kingston Music Service. For details of instruments available to learn from September 2019 please see the attached flyer.

A wide range of clubs, offering a number of paid for extra curricular activities, run at both sites. These run before and after school and during lunchtimes.

Day TimeClubSite
MondayBefore7.45-8.30EDA Dance Club (Rec - Y2)Juniors
Before7.45-8.45Love the Ball Girls' football (Y3 - 6)Juniors
Lunch12.15-12.45Year 2 RecordersInfants
Lunch12.50-1.20Junior French ClubJuniors
After3.15-3.50Infant French ClubInfants
After3.30-4.30Junior Art ClubJuniors
After3.15-4.30Love the Ball Football (Year 1)Infants
TuesdayBefore8.00-8.45Year 3&4 ChoirJuniors
Lunch12.20-1.20Junior ChessJuniors
Lunch12.20-12.50Junior Intermediate RecordersJuniors
LunchLittle Green Fingers (Years 1&2)Infants
After3.30-4.30Junior Good News ClubJuniors
After3.30-4.30Love the Ball Junior Football Juniors
After3.30-4.30Junior Art ClubJuniors
WednesdayBefore7.40-8.40Year 5 & 6 Tennis ClubJuniors
Lunch12.50-1.20Junior Beginner RecordersJuniors
After4.00-4.30Drama (Year 1)Online
After4.45-5.15Drama (Year 2)Online
After3.30-4.30Junior OrchestraJuniors
After4.30-5.30Y1&2 Miss O'Connor DanceJuniors
After3.15-4.15Love the Ball Year 2 FootballInfants
ThursdayBefore7.40-8.40Year 3 & 4 Tennis ClubJuniors
Before8.00-8.45Year 5&6 ChoirJuniors
Lunch12.50-1.20 Junior Advanced RecordersJuniors
After3.15-3.50Infant French clubInfants
After3.30-5.15Junior Miss O'Connor DanceJuniors
After3.30-4.30Love the Ball Junior CricketJuniors
After3.15-4.15Infant Tennis ClubInfants
FridayBefore7.45-8.45Junior EDA DanceJuniors
After4.45-5.30Junior DramaOnline