December 7th 2018

Dear Parent/Carers,

While figures for the Christmas Fair are still to be finalised, we are thrilled to announce that we have raised a record-breaking profit of more than £10,000! A massive thank you to the entire PTA Team of volunteers and all those who attended and handed over their hard earned cash on the day. We will keep you posted with what we spend the money on.

It was lovely to see many of you last night at our Christmas Music Concert. All our recorder groups performed, as did both junior choirs and our orchestra – complete with five cellos! The children did a fantastic job and Mrs Huggett, Mrs Bond, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Brooks and Mrs Robinson organised it brilliantly.

You can see pictures of the fair, the music concert and more in the attached bulletin.

Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 14th December

Next Friday is Christmas Jumper Day in aid of save the Children. Children, and adults, are encouraged to wear a Christmas jumper and bring in £1 to give to Save the Children.

Class Christmas Parties – Thursday 20th December

In the afternoon of the last Thursday of term, children have their class parties. This year, rather than asking parents to provide food we will buy the refreshments and ask parents to contribute £2, via ParentMail. I hope this will relieve parents who I know found the old system difficult. It will also help us ensure than we have no food which children are allergic to and also to ensure we don’t have lots of food left over. Children can come to school in party clothes. They should, however, wear sensible shoes and no jewellery or make-up.

PTA Movie Night – Friday 14th December

Tickets are selling fast for the PTA movie night on Friday 14th December. The children will be watching Sherlock Gnomes, please purchase your tickets via Parentmail by Wednesday 12th December.

Road Safety Event – Monday 14th January – Coombe Girls School 7.30pm

Road Safety is the primary concern of the Coombe Vale Ward. With fatalities in the last couple of years, this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Everyone should get involved in providing a solution to the road safety issues around this area. Speakers including: Coombe Girls’ students, Traffic Officer, Councillors. The will be looking at options including Hard traffic calming measures and a softer approach encouraging behaviour change.

Consultation on Changes to School Admissions Policy for 2020

The governors have been considering some changes to the school admissions policy for 2020. They wish to review it to ensure that it reflects the school’s commitment to both the local diverse Christian community and the wider community. This has led them to change section 5 to include Christians who live in New Malden but do not go to a Churches Together in New Malden church. They have then added a limit of 15 to the church places to ensure there are plenty of places available based on distance from the school. The proposal is available to view on the school website.

Christmas Performance Collections

After each Christmas production there will be a collection basket. All money raised is going to JDRF, the charity supporting young people with, and funding research for a cure for, Type 1 diabetes.

PTA Christmas and Summer Fairs

The PTA now have a template for Christmas and Summer Fairs which works and we are always welcoming new parents on-board with new ideas as well as to help with the planning and the set up on the day. A number of the key organisers are “retiring” this year and the following year as their children leave the school.  We need new recruits to take the baton on while they are still around to answer any questions so the school can keep raising much needed funds for the playground and playing field. So if you would like to help us make next summer’s fair the best one yet, then please email

Music Clubs

Recorders has now finished for the term. However, Orchestra and Choirs (Juniors) will continue for another week. There will be no music clubs in the last week of term.

Lunchbowl Network

On Wednesday, Heidi Gomes shared with the children and staff the very exciting news that Lunchbowl will be opening a new school in the Kibera slums, Kenya. This will provide education for the children until they are 14. As part of their fundraising, they are selling gorgeous hippos for £2 and dishes for £3 and they will have a stall after school in the last week of term (date to be confirmed). You can see a photo in the attached newsletter. Do watch this space, as I suspect they will sell very quickly, judging by the level of interest in the school!

Switch Off Fortnight

The Eco Leaders, helped by the School Council, have undertaken an energy audit, before and after Switch Off Fortnight. Our data suggest that we showed a difference of -2.75kWh over a 24hr period. If we keep this up over the year, it could be a difference of -537kWh.

Pupil Sickness

Please can we remind you that children should not be in school if they have been sick until 48 hours have passed.

Coat Hangers

Mrs Brooks would like coat-hangers (the sort with two clips on for trousers) for a literacy storage solution in her classroom. If you have any spare, please send them in with your child. Thank you.

Pret-a-Portrait Photographs

The deadline for the early bird discount is 12th December. If you have mislaid your sitting id code, please contact the office as we have all the codes.

Christmas Tree Sale – Last Chance

If you are buying a real tree this year then think about buying it from outside the Methodist Church in the High Street on 8th December. Profits from the tree you buy will go to our school – mention Christ Church when you buy.

Best wishes,

Tabitha White, Headteacher