February 12th 2021

Dear Parents / Carers,

Well, we have made it to half term! It is very encouraging to see the infection rate dropping. Indeed, as I write, we have had no positive cases in school over the last two weeks. I hope that this trend continues and that the government will announce that we can reopen on 8th March. We await their ‘road map’ on 22nd February.

I know that the range of possibilities available at half term will be limited, but I hope that you all enjoy the possibilities for later starts in the morning and more relaxed days. I know that the children will enjoy a pause from Google Classroom, as indeed will the adults who are looking forward to screen free days! I think we should all be very proud of our children who have tried so hard to engage with learning, even though they are missing their friends and normality.

Half Term Challenges

In his assembly on Monday, Mr Burkinshaw gave the children three challenges they could do over half-term:

  • Challenge 1 Could they be an action movie kid, like the child in this video? There are plenty of free apps parents can download on their phones so their child can make their own special effect video.
  • Challenge 2 The artist, Andy Goldsworthy, makes art out of nature. Mr Burkinshaw encouraged children to go for a walk and collect some natural things and use them to make some art, like in this video. When they have done it, take a picture and send it in.
  • Challenge 3 It cheers us all up to laugh, so Mr Burkinshaw’s last challenge was for children to video themselves telling a joke to make us all laugh.

Mr Burkinshaw did tell the children that they did not have to do any of the challenges, but if they did they should talk to their parents and ask them to email videos or photos of completed challenges to him at deputy@ccnm.rbksch.org.

World Book Day

World Book Day this year falls on Thursday 4th March. We would love for those both in school and at home to come to lessons dressed as a book character. This year we are having a theme of ‘make your own’ where we are encouraging children to create their costumes from things they already have at home.  This may prove to be an excellent project over half term!

Staying Safe over Half Term 

After a very tough winter we are all looking forward to nicer weather and brighter days, but right now we are at a very important moment of the pandemic.

Cases of COVID-19 in Kingston are falling, but not as quickly as we need them to. The next four weeks are critical in our battle to suppress the spread of the virus. We must make sure the sacrifices we have all made in lockdown don’t go to waste.

It remains as important as ever to continue following the rules:

  • Stay local – we are still in a national lockdown. Do not travel around the country and don’t mix households
  • Continue to follow the rules if you have had a vaccination. This will help prevent the virus from spreading, protecting others and the NHS
  • Testing and self-isolation rules remain the same. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you must start to self-isolate immediately and book a test. Self-isolation should happen for ten days from when you first get symptoms and those in your household must also self-isolate
  • Stay vigilant – practice ‘Hands, Face, Space’ at all times

For more information about keeping safe over February half term visit the Public Health blog.

Class Emails

We are updating our email system over half-term. Whilst most emails will automatically migrate to our new host, please don’t send any emails to class email addresses until after half-term.

Children’s Safeguarding Newsletter

We all know that these have been such challenging times for children and adults alike. Your child may find this newsletter written by children for children helpful in both expressing their feelings and in thinking of ways to help with them.

Eligibility for Free School Meals

We are aware that some family’s circumstances will have changed because of the pandemic. Do check if you might be entitled to ‘free school meals’. If you apply and are successful, this will help you by providing free school meals, even if your child is in the juniors, meal vouchers over the holidays and a free hoodie from school. It will also bring extra funds into the school which we can use to support your child.

Please see the application form. (We would also like to advise you that there have been temporary changes to the awards of free school meals for a few families in light of the epidemic. These are families with no recourse to public funds. The changes include the increase in the income threshold from £16,190 per annum to £31,500 per annum for London. If this might apply to you, do apply.)

PTA Virtual Gin Masterclass, 8pm on Friday 26th February

Please join us for a one hour collaboration between No 97 Gin Bar and CCNM PTA on Friday 26th Feb at 8pm. Taste three different locally brewed “Goodlife” gins paired with three different tonics – £20 per person with £5 per ticket sold being donated to our PTA. Local collection or delivery only.

Tickets will be available in the ParentMail shop until next Sunday (Feb 21st). Why not buy a ticket for your partner too so that you both get to taste?

To contact the PTA organisers: ccnmgintasting@gmail.com or No 97 Gin Bar: hello@no-97.co.uk

Half Term Online Drama Workshops 

During February half term, Perform are running online drama workshops for Reception to Year 6 children. You can read all about the classes here.

For one hour each day, their team of theatre professionals will inspire and encourage the children as they combine drama, dance and singing into a magical experience. They’ll encourage them to project their voices, learn energetic dance routines, sing catchy songs and develop the Perform 4 Cs: Confidence, Concentration, Communication and Coordination. The course costs £60 for the 5 days.

I hope you are able to get a break over the half-term holiday. 

Tabitha White, Headteacher