What do governors do?

The role of the governing body is a strategic one, is responsible for the conduct of the school and must promote high standards of educational achievement. Governing bodies have often been described as critical friends of schools.  By this we mean governors help and support the school but will hold the head and staff to account for performance of the school.

The governors have recently adopted a new strapline for the school: ‘Becoming the people God made us to be’ and our aim is that this will be at the heart of everything that happens in school.

Who are the governors?

Christ Church School has 14 governors. For more details about the people who currently make up the Governing Body please click here.

The Department for Education instructs that governors should be recruited for the skills they can bring into service of the school.  The 14 governors are made up of 8 foundation governors, 1 nominated by the borough, 1 member of staff, 2 elected by the parents, 1 co-opted and the Headteacher.  This gives a majority of 2 foundation governors as required by legislation.

How do I contact the Chair and other governors?

If you wish to contact the governors you can leave a letter at either office, mark your letter confidential if you do not want it opened by the office staff. Alternatively, contact one of the governors directly who will bring the matter to the attention of the governing body.  Email to the school office office or the clerk to the governors is also useful, if the matter is not confidential.  The office will forward to the chair of governors.

How often do governors meet?

There is a full governors meeting (FG) near the start of every term and there are 5 subcommittees:

  • Pupil Impact (PI) deals with any aspects of school life that impacts on the children, it monitors standards, checks policies such as health, sex education, equality and diversity, special needs and many more.
  • Business Impact (BI) deals with anything that affects the operation of the buildings and covers health and safety, maintenance and finances.
  • Human Resources (HR) covers appointments, staff appraisal and HR policies.
  • Christian Ethos (CE) is important to us as a church school and monitors how our Christian faith is presented to the children, in conjunction with pupil impact it also ensures personal social and sex education are delivered in line with Christian principals.
  • Admissions committee – which deals with any admissions to the school.

Subcommittees meet at least once per term but also visit the school to see how work is progressing, check the building is sound and to be part of the school community.

Click here for information on Governor Meeting Attendance.

Governors’ Appeal

Every year the governors have an Appeal to parents to supplement the money which is generously given by the churches of Christ Church and St John’s. We ask every parent to contribute at least £50 per child but we understand not everyone can manage this and some may be willing to offer more. Please give what you can. A monthly direct debit may be the easiest way to help your school. We do have to keep a surplus in the fund as we never know when urgent unforeseen work may be necessary.

For every £1 you donate, we can claim a further 25p from HMRC (the UK tax authority) if you ‘Gift Aid’ your donation. For a donation of £50 this means a further £12.50 for the School. Almost everyone who pays UK tax can ‘Gift Aid’ their donation and can do so by filling out the ‘Gift Aid Declaration’ at the bottom of the Governors Fund form.

Robert Shrimpton, Chair of Governors