Governor details

NamePictureGovernor type/Date of officeDetails/Register of InterestCommittee Membership
Robert ShrimptonFoundation Governor (appointed by SDBE)
September 2014 - Sept. 2022
Robert Shrimpton (co-chair of Governors) has worked in the Education sector for 12 years and is a qualified teacher with experience in teaching children with special needs across the Key stages. He is an Assistant Head teacher at Cricket Green School in Mitcham. Robert is a Designated Safeguarding Lead and has expertise in this field and delivering training to support special needs children in education.Pupil Impact
Joy UrenFoundation Governor (appointed by SDBE)
Jan 2019 -
Joy Uren (co-chair of Governors) is a member of St John the Divine Church in New Malden and has been associated with Christ Church school for many years, as a neighbour to the school and as a parent of two girls who attended the school a number of years ago. She taught for many years in special education at St Philips School in Chessington. She is a specialist dyslexia teacher and since retiring in 2012, works part time tutoring from home. She has a great interest in the area of dyslexia and in facilitating young people to achieve their potential.Christian Ethos
Nick HudsonCo-opted Governor
March 2015 -March 2023
Nick Hudson (Vice-Chair): Nick is parent to two boys, both formerly at the school, and he has been an active member of Christ Church since 2002. He has extensive experience of committee, management and team-related work and is passionate about working with the school and its excellent staff to help ensure that all pupils are given the best chance to achieve their potential. He also has a particular interest in technology and IT and how its use can help the school’s teaching staff. He has a passion for sporting and creative activities, such as the school’s brilliant provision for music.
Pupil Impact (Chair)
Lucy BondFoundation Governor (appointed by the PCC)
October 2012 -September 2020
Lucy Bond is the mother of three children (two at Christ Church) and an active member of the church. She sings and plays the keyboards regularly at the 9:30 service. As a primary and music teacher, she is passionate about the teaching of music and singing, but is also very interested in the education of all young children. As a member of the Christian Ethos committee, Lucy is committed to maintaining and enhancing the distinct Christian Ethos of the school.
Register of Interest: Lucy teaches at the school for 1.5 days a week.
Pupil Impact
Christian Ethos
Nina BurichImage to followElected Parent Governor
Sept 2018 - Sept 2022
Nina is a parent Governor and has two children who attend Christ Church Primary School. She has supported the school on a number of projects before becoming a parent elected Governor. She brings to her position her passion for the school to be a place where children can learn, enjoy and grow in a safe, fun and exciting environment. She has a PhD and has worked in academia, charity sector and local goverment, and brings these skills and experience to this role along with her viewpoint as a parent. Business Impact
Jenny CropperFoundation Governor (appointed by the PCC)
January 2017 – January 2021
Jenny Cropper (Treasurer): Jenny is a retired Civil Servant married to Roderick Cropper and they have been resident in New Malden for nearly 40 years. She is an active member of Christ Church New Malden where she regularly leads the 3 to 5 year old Sunday group called Scramblers and helps out at the "Hive" (a Monday drop in cafe for all young people of Senior School age). She is in School most Thursdays as part of the "Open the Book" team. Her interests include cooking, sewing, knitting and singing.
Business Impact
Janette LawrenceStaff Governor
September 2016 – Sept. 2020
Janette Lawrence has worked in the nursery at Christ Church for almost six years. She started her career in the BBC and then changed to teaching - something she had always wanted to do. She has worked in a variety of Inner City London schools and ran a large pre-school in Surrey with a friend. She lives in Claygate and has two sons. She is a Magistrate for the Central London Bench, where she sits about once a fortnight.Pupil Impact
Andrew RankinFoundation Governor (appointed by the PCC)
August 2019 -
Andrew Rankin: Andrew retired a few years ago from working in the post-16 sector of education but he has a lively interest in primary education. He has college management experience and is a long term member of the Association for Science Education. He is keen that all subjects are taught well, but science is his passion. Andrew has been a member of Christ Church since he was a teenager.Christian Ethos (Chair)
David Ryder-MillsLocal Authority Governor
August 02 -August 22
David Ryder-Mills: After spending 30 years as a secondary school teacher, Dave changed career and has subsequently worked as caseworker to 3 of the local Members of Parliament for 15 years. He is also an RBK Local Councillor where he was first elected in 2005. He worships at St John the Divine Church on the Kingston Road. He first took an interest in school when his now adult daughter attended the Infants school.HR (Chair)
Emma ScottElected Parent Governor
November 2015 – Nov. 2019
Emma Scott is the mother of two children, who both attend the school. A Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of professional experience. Emma is delighted to be able to apply her skills to support and help advance the school.Business Impact (Chair)
Rachel von RietburgFoundation Governor (appointed by the PCC)
September 2008 – Sept. 2020
Rachel von Reitburg has worked in the childcare sector for 24 years and is a Qualified Montessori Pre School Teacher. She has owned and run a children’s play centre in New Malden for the last 9 years. Rachel is a member of Christ Church and teaches Sunday school to the youngest group of children, aged 2-3 years. She has three children: two sons at the school (in Years 1 and 6) and a daughter at Coombe Girls School. Rachel is the Early Years Governor.HR
Christian Ethos
Tabitha WhiteHeadteacher
Tabitha White joined the school as Headteacher in January 2012, having previously been the Headteacher of St Michael's CofE Primary School for nearly 12 years.Pupil Impact
Business Impact
Christian Ethos

Register of Interest: Where no Register of Interest is noted, this is because the governor has declared that they have no pecuniary or business interests related to the school. They have also declared that they have no family or close personal connections to those working for the school.

Local Authority Governor Checklists (which further indicates governor areas of interest): Kingston LA maintains a list of Mandatory Governing Roles. In 2019/20 academic year, these are as follows: Co-Chairs: Robert Shrimpton and Joy Uren; Vice-Chair: Nick Hudson; Clerk to Governors: Vicky Mitchell; Safer Recruitment (trained governors): Andrew Rankin and Tabitha White; Performance Management (trained governors): Andrew Rankin, David Ryder-Mills and Rachel von Rietberg.

Kingston LA also maintains a list of Link Governing Roles. In 2019/20 these are as follows: Child Protection: Robert Shrimpton; Curriculum: Nick Hudson; Health and Safety: John Matthews; Looked after Children: David Ryder-Mills; SEND: Robert Shrimpton; Early Years: Rachel von Rietberg.

Past Governors (who have served within the last 12 months)

NamePictureGovernor type/Date of officeRecent Previous GovernorsCommittee Membership
John MatthewsFoundation Governor (appointed by the PCC)
August 2011 -August 2019
John Matthew’s first child started at CCNM in 2003 and his last left in July 2015, so he followed the school over a period of 12 years as a parent. Prior to becoming a governor, John was part of a working group that chose and installed the Trim Trail in the Infants playground, filled in the pond and then a few years later dug it out again! and levelled and re turfed the infants field, amongst other projects. He has attended Christ Church on a regular basis since 2001 when he moved into the area. He currently works in the IT department of a high street retailer, specialising in the areas of HR and Payroll. He spent a number of years examining financial transactions for fraud and other anomalies, so is familiar with the financial side of the business as well. John thinks his picture is quite flattering and remembers life without grey hair fondly! Pupil Impact
Business Impact (Chair – Finance)

Associate members are non-governors who sit on at least one governor sub-committee. Associate members have no voting rights at the Full Board of Governors. At CCNM, the Associate members also have no voting rights at committee level.

NamePictureGovernor type/Date of officeAssociate MembersFull Board and Committee Membership
Andrew BurkinshawAssociate member
Sept. 2017 – September 2021
Andrew is the School’s Deputy Headteacher.Full Board
Business Impact
Christian Ethos
Ian DuncanAssociate member
June 2017 – June 2021
Ian is the School’s Business Manager responsible for anything that affects the operation of both sites including health and safety, maintenance, finances and human resources. Ian was a PCC governor of Christ Church Infants and then the amalgamated Primary School for eight years. Both Ian’s teenage daughters attended the school.Business Impact
Anna HuntAssociate member
Anna is the class teacher in Lion Class and is the RE Subject Leader.Christian Ethos