Governors and Meeting Attendance Data

18/19 Academic Year

Lucy Bond 2/3No meetings3/3X but attended 1X1/2*
Jenny Cropper 1/3No meetingsX3/3XX
Nina Burich3/3No meetingsX2/33/3X
Nick Hudson 2/3No meetings3/33/3X0/2
Joy Uren**1/3No meetings2/3XX1/2
Janette Lawrence3/3No meetings2/3X3/3X
John Matthews 1/3No meetings1/33/3XX
Andrew Rankin 3/3No meetings2/33/32/32/2
Rachel von Reitberg 3/3No meetings2/3X but attended 12/31/2
David Ryder-Mills3/3No meetingsXX3/31/2
Emma Scott 3/3No meetings2/33/3XX
Rob Shrimpton 3/3No meetings2/3X1/32/2
Tabitha White 3/3No meetings2/33/32/32/2

Associate membersFGSAPIBIHRCE
Andrew Burkinshaw3/3No meetings3/32/3X but attended 12/2
Ian Duncan XNo meetingsX3/3XX
Oriana Langder***XNo meetingsXXX1/2
Anna HuntXNo meetingsXXX2/2

* Only 2 meetings took place during the academic year as the July meeting was cancelled due to staff involvement with residential trip.
** Elected part way through the academic year
***Went on maternity leave and Anna Hunt took on role

17/18 Academic Year

Lucy Bond 3/31/23/3XX1/3
Jenny Cropper 3/30/2X2/3XX
Paula Holden-Farr 2/30/23/3X2/3X
Nick Hudson 2/32/23/31/3X3/3
Revd Stephen Kuhrt *0/30/2XXX0/3
Janette Lawrence2/30/23/3X3/3X
David Loffman**0/30/20/3XXX
John Matthews 2/30/23/33/3XX
Andrew Rankin 3/32/23/33/33/32/3
Rachel von Reitberg 3/30/23/3X3/33/3
David Ryder-Mills2/30/2XX1/32/3
Emma Scott 3/31/23/33/3XX
Rob Shrimpton 2/31/23/3X0/33/3
Tabitha White 3/32/23/33/33/33/3

Associate membersFGSAPIBIHRCE
Andrew Burkinshaw3/31/2X 3/3X3/3
Ian Duncan XXX3/3XX
Oriana LangderXXXXX3/3


FG: Full Governors’ Board
SA: Special Admissions Meetings
PI: Pupil Impact Committee
BI: Business Impact Committee
HR: Human Resources Committee
CE: Christian Ethos Committee

*Revd Stephen Kuhrt resigned in September 2017
** David Loffman resigned in 2018

Associate Members have no voting rights

X indicates that the governor does not sit on this committee.