Home Learning Spring Term Week 1

This page contains Home Learning for all year groups for the period 23/3/20-27/3/20.

Year 6

Week 1 full timetable

Monday           Maths:    sheet1     sheet2     sheet3

Tuesday          Maths

Wednesday    Maths

Thursday        Maths

Friday              Maths      English


Year 5

Week 1 full timetable

Monday             English        Reading      Maths:    sheet1     sheet2        Science

Tuesday            Maths:    sheet1     sheet2       sheet3

Wednesday      Maths:    sheet1     sheet2

Thursday          Maths

Friday                Maths:    sheet1     sheet2      sheet3


Year 4

Week 1 full timetable

Monday               Maths:   sheet1.1        sheet1.2        sheet2       sheet3

Tuesday              Maths:   sheet1      sheet2

Wednesday        Maths:   sheet1.1      sheet1.2         sheet2        sheet3          Pompeii video

Thursday            Maths:   sheet1      sheet2

Friday                  Maths:   cross numbers     Loopy sums    English    RE mini booklet


Year 3

Letter and Instructions

Week 1 full timetable

Monday            English plan      Maths:  fractions recap starter

Tuesday           Story mountain template      Maths:  fractions recap

Wednesday      Maths:  tenths recap 1        tenths recap 2

Thursday          Maths:  tenths recap 3

Friday                Maths:  Equiv fractions 1    Equiv fractions 2     Equiv fractions challenge


Year 2

Week 1 Full timetable

Monday            Maths            Reading comprehension

Tuesday           Questions and statements

Wednesday      Maths           Subordinating Conjunctions

Thursday           Wanted poster


Year 1

Week 1 full timetable

Monday – Friday       Maths: Number formation   Number bonds        Phonics Games

Monday – Wednesday   English Kenya fact file 

Monday              Maths Counting in 2s 

Tuesday              Maths Counting in 10s 

Wednesday        Maths Counting in 5s 

Thursday            Maths Hundred square

Friday                  Maths:   dot-to-dot by 2       dot-to-dot by 5          dot-to-dot by 10 

Year 1 Common Exception Words


Week 1 full timetable

Phonics phase 2

Phonics phase 3

Phonics Roll and read Mat

short oo- sounds powerpoint


Week 1 timetable