Home Learning Spring Term Week 2

This page contains Home Learning for all year groups for the period 30/3/20-3/4/20.

Year 6

Week 2 full timetable

Monday           Maths:       sheet 1    sheet 2             English

Tuesday          Maths       Extension        Art

Wednesday    Maths

Thursday        Maths       Science

Friday              Maths      RE


Year 5

Week 2 full timetable

Monday             English        Reading      Maths:    sheet1     sheet2      sheet3

Tuesday             English

Wednesday       English

Thursday           English

Friday                 English      English Answers

Please try these links instead for the Science this week:




Year 4

Week 2 full timetable

Monday               Maths:   sheet1    sheet2   sheet3.1   sheet3.2  English: example factfile1  example factfile2

Tuesday              Maths:   sheet1      sheet2         English   Y3&4 spelling list

Wednesday        Maths:   sheet1      sheet2       sheet3          Herculaneum map

Thursday            Maths:   sheet1      sheet2       sheet3      whizzer wheel1         whizzer wheel2

Friday                  Maths:  sheet1.1    sheet1.2   sheet2     sheet3      English       RE Holy Communion powerpoint

Maths Extra Challenges1              Maths Extra Challenges2

Maths Answers

Year 3

Week 2 full timetable

Monday            English plan      Maths:  fraction wall

Tuesday           PE yoga       Maths:  finding fractions of objects

Wednesday      Maths:  fractions of amounts    English        Topic lesson    Topic lesson pictures

Thursday          Maths:  Calculated Colouring

Friday                Iron Age Art


Year 2

Week 2 Full timetable

Monday            DT instructions           Examples of Story Maps

Tuesday           Geography

Thursday           Palm Leaf

Friday                 Reading Common Exception Words    Science  Life cycle of a frog   Optional activity


Year 1

Week 2 full timetable

Monday – Friday       Handwriting & Spelling    Maths – Capacity       English

Tuesday              Spelling Board Game        Phonics  Or family

Wednesday        Easter Garden Examples       Faberge Eggs     Phonics Game

Friday                  English: Silly sentences


Week 2 full timetable

Monday          ar-phoneme spotter

Tuesday          ow-phoneme-spotter story

Thursday        adding sheets

Friday             Letter formation handwriting              Easter Garden examples

Adding home learning challenges



Week 2 timetable