Home Learning Summer Term Week 12

This page contains Home Learning for Nursery to year 1 for the period 13/7/20 – 17/7/20, and timetables for all year groups.

All year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 work is now on Google Classroom.

Year 6

Week 12 overview


Year 5

Week 12 overview


Year 4

Week 12 overview


Year 3

Week 12 overview


Year 2

Week 12 overview


Year 1

Week 12 overview

Message for Owl class

Message for Squirrel class

Monday                     Memory page          Art Powerpoint              Owl photos            Squirrel photos

Tuesday                    Would you rather?            Science Rainbow Activity Cards

Wednesday              Booklet for Miss Bruen and Mrs Ahmed

Thursday                  Story          Story Map            Questions



Week 12 overview

Message for Seahorse class

Message for Turtle class

Tuesday                    Day & Night Sorting Activity Posters    Day & Night Image Cards

Wednesday              -ear and -air sounds matching activity

Thursday                  Phase 3 Caption Card Read and Draw Worksheets



Week 12 overview

Message from Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Timmins