Home Learning Summer Term Week 3

This page contains Home Learning for all year groups for the period 4/5/20 – 8/5/20.

During this period of lockdown we are aware that much of our lives have moved online. There have been reports in the press that unscrupulous individuals are using this time to target children who are unaware of the risks and vulnerable. In order to keep you and your families safe at this time, here are some links to some ideas and activities you may wish to explore. If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to get in touch.


Friday is a Bank Holiday!!

Year 6

Week 3 overview

Monday           Maths:   Mental maths challenge cards   Mental maths quiz    English: Beowolf extract   Epic poem writing explanation 1    The Highwayman      Guided Reading

Tuesday          Maths:   statistics        Guided Reading       Conventions of Epic Poetry

Wednesday    Maths:    Differentiated Matchstick Puzzles      Guided Reading      PSHCE: An introduction to mindfulness    Mindful colouring    Mindfulness challenge cards

Thursday        Guided Reading      Maths: Caesar shift wheel    Caesar shift code    Codebreakers Introductory PPT        Pigpen cipher WW2 codes     Science:    Heart pump model

All Guided Reading Answers

Art Resources Year 5/Year 6

Gallery Rebels Lesson 3


Year 5

Week 3 overview

Monday             Reading comprehension       Maths         English

Tuesday             Maths        Maths Answers       How to do the Daily Mile at Home*      Home Daily Mile Core Principles*

Wednesday       Maths        Maths Answers

Thursday           Maths       Maths Answers      Maths Stage 3 Check 4  Maths Stage 3 Check 4 Answers     Maths Stage 5 Check 4    Maths Stage 5 Check 4 Answers      KS2 VE Day Information PPT     VE Day Thoughts*

*  Don’t print!

Art Resources Year 5/Year 6

Gallery Rebels Lesson 3

Year 4

Week 3 overview

Monday               Maths:   Starter   Counting in Fractions   Answers         Reviewing Pronouns

Tuesday              Maths:   Add 2 or more fractions      Answers      Persuasive word mat   Pronouns workbook       Writing persuasively

Wednesday        Maths:     sheet1 Subtract 2 fractions    sheet1 answers      sheet2 subtract from whole nos   sheet2 answers       Yr3&4 Spelling List

Thursday            Maths:     Fractions of a Quantity   Answers        Science: Plants      Answers        Powerpoint

Art Resources Year 4/Year 3

Blue Abyss Lesson 3


Year 3

Week 3 overview

Monday            Maths        Sentence of 3 practice               Extra Roman Numerals sheet

Tuesday            Maths        Images to describe

Wednesday      Maths        Topic Lesson

Thursday          Maths:   starter question    main questions         Science Concept Cartoon

Friday                Maths:    starter question    main questions

Art Resources Year 4/Year 3

Blue Abyss Lesson 3


Year 2

Week 3 overview

Monday            Literacy       Science Activity     Science Presentation

Tuesday            Literacy       Reading           PSHE

Wednesday      Reading      Art

Thursday          Literacy


Year 1

Week 3 overview

Monday – Friday       Handwriting & Spelling    Maths plan     English – Peter Rabbit alternative story endings

Monday                     Number Bonds to 20           Geography – Houses

Tuesday                     Maths Fact Families            Art – Irises     Poppy

Wednesday              Add by making 10                Science – Trees

Thursday                    Word problems



Week 3 overview

Monday             1-20 Number & quantity matching        Suitcase activity sheet

Tuesday              Looking after yourself          Chick shape to cut out     One more one less

Wednesday        -ss phoneme roll & read mat          Curly Caterpillar 

Thursday             Things that make me happy

Friday                 Curly Caterpillar           Minibeast hunt checklist     Missing number tracks



Week 3 overview

Draw pattern on clothes