Home Learning Summer Term Week 4

This page contains Home Learning for Nursery to year 4 for the period 11/5/20 – 15/5/20.

All year 5 and year 6 work is now on Google Classroom.

During this period of lockdown we are aware that much of our lives have moved online. There have been reports in the press that unscrupulous individuals are using this time to target children who are unaware of the risks and vulnerable. In order to keep you and your families safe at this time, here are some links to some ideas and activities you may wish to explore. If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to get in touch.


Year 4

Week 4 overview

Monday               Maths:     Make a whole     Answers    Maths Mystery (extension)     Complex Sentence Builder sheet

Tuesday              Maths:    Write decimals     Answers      Comic strip for Under the Sea adventure

Wednesday        Maths:     Compare decimals    Answers     Speech Punctuation

Thursday            Maths:     Order decimals   Answers

Friday                  Maths:     Challenge     Answers      Grammar starter    Reading Comprehension: Your digestive system        RE: Bible stories, songs and psalms       Bible Switch Challenge

Art Resources Year 4/Year 3

Blue Abyss Lesson 4


Year 3

Week 4 overview

Monday            Maths

Tuesday            Maths          RE task

Wednesday      Maths

Thursday          Maths:  starter         easier    middle    challenging          Science

Friday                Maths

Art Resources Year 4/Year 3

Blue Abyss Lesson 4


Year 2

Week 4 overview

Monday            Science Activity     Science Presentation

Tuesday            History: Presentation       Activity 

Wednesday      Music

Thursday          Reading

Friday                Literacy         Art


Year 1

Week 4 overview

Monday – Friday       Poetry            Maths plan          Handwriting and Spelling

Monday                     Add by making 10              Geography                  Rhythm of Life Poem

Tuesday                     Subtraction challenge            Voices of Water Poem

Wednesday              Addition and subtraction calculations

Thursday                   Comparison statements 1            Science  – parts of a plant           The Sound Collector Poem

Friday                         Comparing addition & subtraction statements 2      The Sound Collector writing frame



Week 4 overview


Tuesday              Double dominoes to 10                  Safari Flashcards

Wednesday         -zz words activity sheets

Thursday             Ladybird doubles to 10        Qu- phoneme spotter story 

Friday                  Butterfly Outline               Ch- phonics piggy bank activity        1-armed robot letter formation sheet



Week 4 overview

Tuesday             Sticking on a zebra crossing                 Pencil control worksheets

Wednesday       Draw the pattern on the animal