Home Learning Summer Term Week 5

This page contains Home Learning for Nursery to year 4 for the period 18/5/20 – 22/5/20.

Friday 22nd May is an Inset Day.

All year 5 and year 6 work is now on Google Classroom.

During this period of lockdown we are aware that much of our lives have moved online. There have been reports in the press that unscrupulous individuals are using this time to target children who are unaware of the risks and vulnerable. In order to keep you and your families safe at this time, here are some links to some ideas and activities you may wish to explore. If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to get in touch.


Year 4

Week 5 overview

Monday               Maths:     Round Decimals    Answers    Maths Mystery (extension)     Answers   Spelling starter (Mon/Tue)  Animal Fact File examples   Fact File ‘Clean Up Australia day’

Tuesday              Maths:    Halves and Quarters     Answers

Wednesday        Maths:     Pounds and Pence    Answers

Thursday            Maths:     Ordering Money    Answers    Spelling of plurals   Reading Comprehension – Cats    Cats answer booklet    Cats – write answers here  Science

Art Resources Year 4/Year 3

Blue Abyss Lesson 5/6


Year 3

Week 5 overview

Mon – Wed English sheet

Monday            Maths           PE

Tuesday            Maths          RE sheet         Guided Reading       English Reading Challenge

Wednesday      Guided Reading       Model text         Topic

Thursday           Science           Guided Reading

Friday                Guided Reading

Art Resources Year 4/Year 3

Blue Abyss Lesson 5/6


Year 2

Week 5 overview

Monday            Maths

Tuesday            Literacy poem      Maths:  Activity    Powerpoint       RE 

Wednesday      Reading Powerpoint     Art        Literacy images of Wild Things        Maths:  Activity    Powerpoint 

Thursday          Maths        Literacy:example of a story map     Science Activity     Science Powerpoint

Friday              Math s:  Activity    Powerpoint 


Year 1

Week 5 overview

Monday – Friday:       Poetry animals & treasure        Maths plan          Handwriting and Spelling

Monday                     Comparing Objects

Tuesday                     Measure length and height     Science: Plants powerpoint     Activity

Wednesday              Make a poster       Animal poem template         DT Cats

Thursday                   Comparing weights              The Treasures poem           Geography

Friday                         Weight Challenge cards



Week 5 overview

Monday                  Halving Toys Sheet             Happy, sad & angry

Tuesday                 Bees in the garden              Tablespoon biscuit recipe

Wednesday           Zig Zag monster letters

Thursday                Solving problems sharing            Letter formation A-Z          Find & write the -ng words 

Friday                      Feeding the minibeasts



Week 5 overview

Minibeast hunt checklist

Minibeast pictures for nursery