Home Learning Summer Term Week 6

This page contains Home Learning for Nursery to year 4 for the period 1/6/20 – 5/6/20.

All year 5 and year 6 work is now on Google Classroom.

Year 4

Week 6 overview

Monday               Maths    Answers    Maths flashback     Maths Mystery & answers       Jessie Prediction     Recognising and using Adverbs

Tuesday              Maths     Answers       Maths flashback      Spelling ‘ous’ word search        DT – tie dye

Wednesday        Maths     Answers        Maths flashback      Changing adjectives to adverbs   Pictures for sequencing

Thursday            Maths     Answers        Maths flashback         Grammar review          Science lifecycles ppt           Science sheet

Friday                  Maths flashback          Maths Challenge1      Maths Challenge2            Challenge ingredients       RE image 1      RE image 2         Reading Comprehension sound waves       Spelling ‘ous’ crossword

Art Resources Year 4/Year 3

Blue Abyss Lesson 5/6


Year 3

Week 6 overview

Monday            Maths: clockwise/anticlockwise           Ordering images

Tuesday            Maths: Right angle turns          Guided Reading       English – model text

Wednesday      Maths: Right angles       Topic – world rivers         Topic – UK rivers

Thursday           Guided Reading          Maths: Right angles          RE

Friday                Maths challenges

Art Resources Year 4/Year 3

Blue Abyss Lesson 5/6


Year 2

Week 6 overview

Monday            Maths   Problem of the day    Literacy task    Front cover    locate China on map       Introduction to China

Tuesday            Literacy picture comprehension      Literacy task      Maths:  worksheet    Problem of the day      RE Judaism artefacts

Wednesday      Audio Snail and the Whale        Maths:  worksheet    Problem of the day

Thursday          Maths worksheet     Problem of the day     Snail Adventure     Science Dissolving

Friday              Maths:  Pirate Map Directions   Problem of the day     Snail Facts  PPT     Snail Fact Sheet


Year 1

Week 6 overview

Monday – Friday:     Handwriting & Spelling                Maths plan 

Monday                     Sort 3D shapes           Art – Sunflower fork printing

Tuesday                     Recognise and name 2D shapes     Science: Changes around us

Wednesday               Sort 2D shapes         Writing a Recount         Recount helpful hints       Recount plan        DT:  Healthy Eating & Living    Healthy Eating & Living sorting activity          Sorting healthy/unhealthy foods game  

Thursday                   Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes          Recount writing frames           Geography – Town & Country

Friday                         Chain of changes problem         Chain of changes shapes 



Week 6 overview

Tuesday                    Fine motor skills challenge

Wednesday              Simple recipes

Thursday                  Phase 3 phonic picture activity



Week 6 overview Goldilocks

House outline

Cutting out threes