Home Learning Summer Term Week 8

This page contains Home Learning for Nursery to year 1 for the period 15/6/20 – 19/6/20, and timetables for all year groups.

All year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 work is now on Google Classroom.

Year 6

Week 8 overview


Year 5

Week 8 overview


Year 4

Week 8 overview


Year 3

Week 8 overview


Year 2

Week 8 overview


Year 1

Week 8 overview   (updated)

Monday – Friday:     Handwriting & Spelling            Reading Prompts for Parents

Monday                      Using the Prefix un-          Un- prefix Matching Game       Michelle Reader powerpoint          Design an Advertising Poster         Hobgoblin Supplies

Tuesday                    Suffixes –ed         Postcard Writing Template      Activity sheet in the past                 Weather Report Activity Sheet         Science

Wednesday              Suffixes -ing       Activity Sheet Adding -ing   Story Map Worksheets    SC SK Flash Cards            RE  Rosh Hashanah        

Thursday                   Suffixes -er        Activity Sheet What Am I?     UK Fabulous Facts Mini Book           Geography Powerpoint

Friday                         Design your own Ice Fruit Lolly 



Week 8 overview

Monday                    What’s in my bucket Activity Sheet

Tuesday                    No-cook playdough recipe poster

Wednesday              SC SK Flash Cards

Thursday                  SC SK Jigsaws

Friday                        sn and sm blend spotter postcard

Star Words

Set 1   Set 2   Set 3   Set 4   Set 5   Set 6   Set 7   Set 8   Set 9   Set 10   Set 11   Set 12   Set 13   Set 14   Set 15   Set 16


Week 8 overview

Tuesday                Sunflower colouring/counting

Wednesday          Life Cycle of a Sunflower

Thursday              Sunflower Petal Template