January 15th 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are now at the end of the initial two weeks of school closure. It is reassuring to see that the infection rate has started to drop, but it is still very high (707 per 100 000), and indeed higher than it was before the Christmas holidays. I would therefore like to thank all of you who are managing to keep your children at home, often whilst juggling the demands of a busy job with online meetings, phone calls, emails etc.  When we heard that lockdown was extending until at least the February half term, we promised to review our approach. We have therefore considered additional requests which we received from families and also the needs of individuals and balanced these with the importance of keeping numbers down, offering a range of support where possible.  We have offered a small number of extra places. If, however, you feel your circumstances have changed, please contact myself (head@ccnm.rbksch.org) or Mr Burkinshaw (deputy@ccnm.rbksch.org). Likewise, if we can help in any way to make accessing teaching and learning easier at home do contact the classteacher, Mr Burkinshaw, Mrs Roe or myself.

Gratitude Exercises

At the end of my last celebration assembly, I encouraged children to reflect each day on three things they were thankful for and to let me know. It was lovely to hear how many juniors are enjoying their new Chromebooks, and the timing of their arrival seems perfect for lockdown. I also chuckled when they mentioned seeing Mrs Forte’s new dog online and we look forward to the time when they can actually see Ernie at the Infants. Do send in your child’s thank yous to head@ccnm.rbksch.org.

Application for Reception 2021

Please note that today (Friday 15th January) is the last date for applying for a Reception space for 2021. If you have not submitted your application yet, it needs to happen today!

Tabitha White, Headteacher