January 5th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a good Christmas and New Year and start the New Year feeling rested. It has been lovely to see the enthusiasm of the children as they have come back, excitedly sharing their holiday news and pleased to be back with their friends.

Home Learning

Parental involvement is consistently associated with children’s success at school. We know, for example, that the more a parent reads with and to their child, the better reader their child will become; the more a parent practices their times tables with their child, the more confident their child will be in maths.

The focus of our home learning is to give children an opportunity to practise the skills they have developed in the previous week and parents an opportunity to discuss the learning with their child and see their understanding progress. Teachers do not use home learning as an assessment tool, as they will already have measured progress and attainment from the work that the children have done in class.

Therefore, from today, in Years 3-6 we are trialling a new system for maths home learning. Each Friday, when maths home learning is given out, answers will be put on our website. This will enable parents to go through the home learning with their child, so they can together assess whether the objective has been achieved and, if not, work through the questions together. The books should be brought into school by the following Thursday, but will not be marked for a second time, in school.

>>Click here for this week’s maths home learning solutions<<

We will then discuss the success of this approach at our next parent representatives’ meeting.

Maths Calculation Talk – Friday 19th January @ 9.00 a. m.

We know that some of the mathematical methods we teach in school are not methods parents were taught or are familiar with. We are having a talk for parents at 9 a.m. on Friday 19th January, in the infant hall, where we will talk through some of these methods and the year groups we expect children to use and understand them.  This talk is open to both infant and junior parents.

Streamlining Communications

The most effective way of communicating with parents is through ParentMail, though we are aware that some parents receive many messages! The bulletin is the most important email you should read, each week, and we are revising it so that it includes a list of all emails you should have received that week, together with key information for the following week.

Following consultation with the Parent Reps, we have revised the timing of sending ParentMails (unless urgent) as follows:

  • Monday – messages from the PTA
  • Thursday – messages from school
  • Friday – the weekly bulletin, which is the most important message of the week

Parent Help Needed

Children do benefit from school trips, but we cannot legally take children on trips unless we have enough adults. School budget cuts mean that we have fewer support staff available to go on trips, so we do rely on parent volunteers. The following trips still need parent help:

  • Monday 8th January Y4 Kingston Synagogue (5 parents volunteered/3 still needed 4G)
  • Thursday 11th January 5S National Archives (3 parents volunteered/1 still needed)
  • Friday 12th January Y5 Library visit (2 parents needed, per class)
  • Monday 15th January Y3 Kingston Synagogue (none offered at present)
  • Friday 19th January Y4 Library visit (2 parents needed, per class)
  • Friday 26th January Y3 Library visit (2 parents needed, per class)
  • Tuesday 30th January 6S National Archives (2 parents volunteered/2 still needed)
  • Wednesday 31st January 6B National Archives (4 parents volunteered/1 still needed)
  • Friday 2nd February Y6 Library visit (2 parents needed, per class)
  • Friday 9th February Y5 Library visit (2 parents needed, per class)

If you are able to help on any of these trips, please let the junior office know (office@ccnm.rbksch.org or 020 8336 7800)

Good News Club for Years 3-6

These are the following dates for the Good News Club this term (Tuesdays at 3.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.):

  • 9th January, 23rd January and 30th January – Note not on 16th January
  • 6th February, 20th February and 27th February – Note Half Term 13th February
  • 6th March, 13th March, 20th March and 27th March

If your child attended last term, you do not need to fill out another form, but let the junior office know if your child does not want to attend anymore.

New Year Sort Out – Dressing Up Costumes and Fabric

Our Outdoor Learning Team would be grateful of donations of children’s dress-up costumes for use at the infant site.  Any costumes your children no longer use and or have outgrown would be most appreciated.  Additionally, we would welcome any fabric you no longer require.  Donations can be left at either site in the labelled box, which will be left inside both the infant and junior office foyers from Wednesday 10th January.

Cameras Needed

Did you get a new camera for Christmas? Perhaps you have an old camera at home, that you no longer need. We always need cameras in school, so if you have a digital camera that you can donate to school, please hand it in at either office.

Reminder – Applying for Reception 2018

For all children born between 1st September 2013 – 31st August 2014, applications for school places in Reception must be submitted online by 15th January 2018.  Apply online by going to www.eadmissions.org.uk  or www.kingston.gov.uk

Next Week – Key Information

Clubs start next week.

  • Monday 8th January Y4 Kingston Synagogue
  • Tuesday 9th January Y1 &Y2 Moon Zoom Science Dome
  • Tuesday 9th January 5W National Archives
  • Tuesday 9th January Open Evening for Prospective Parents
  • Thursday 11th January 5S National Archives
  • Thursday 11th January 3BC Swimming Lessons begin
  • Friday 12th January 3H Swimming Lessons begin
  • Friday 12th January Y2 & Y4 Cake Sales

With best wishes,

Tabitha White Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages

  • Infants – Tennis Club
  • Juniors – Spring Term Clubs (Drama, French, Tennis, Chess, Table Tennis), Music tuition time notifications.

Years 3 and 4 – Kingston and Surbiton Synagogue Visits; Choir Cluster Concert