July 3rd 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are thrilled that we will be able to reopen fully in September. The Government published their guidance yesterday which will enable us to make things as normal as possible for children. There will be some changes, many of which will be familiar to the children who have already returned to school:

  • There will be staggered start and finish times, as well as lunchtimes and playtimes.
  • We will continue to have video assemblies in class, as we cannot met together in the hall.
  • Children will have to face the front in class

The guidance will allow us to reopen Connect and, we hope, to offer some before and after school clubs.

Of course, we must all recognise that the situation could change and we are all dependent on what the Government advice allows us to do. (They have stated that they will make an announcement on 11th August to confirm that this can go ahead).

Welcomes and Goodbyes

We have reached that stage of the year where we have very mixed emotions. We will be saying farewell to two members of staff who are retiring

  • Miss Barley who will be retiring after 27 years at our school. I know we will really miss her expertise and insights and her passion to support children in reaching their full potential. Across New Malden, I know there are children who have such happy memories of their times with her, as they tell me when they bump into me.
  • Miss Palmer who will be retiring after a long service in a variety of schools and four years with us. We will miss her laugh, her kindness and her anecdotes.

I know that they will stay in touch and we hope to see them back in school with us again on a more informal basis.

We will also be saying goodbye to Miss Ahn who will be taking on the exciting opportunity of teaching in Dubai and Miss Clements, who had been about to embark upon a new adventure of teaching abroad. Sadly this could not come to fruition, but I am pleased that she does now have another teaching post, while the threat of Coronavirus reduces. Mr Mackie, is also to be congratulated on being awarded his first teaching post at Kingston Academy. I would like to thank them all for the rich contribution they have made to our school life and wish them every happiness in the future.

We are very pleased that, despite lockdown, we have recruited some very strong and experienced staff.  Mrs Hempston will be joining us as Early Years’ Leader and Reception teacher. She is already an experienced Early Years Leader and leading teacher for Kingston and she has been sharing exciting ideas and suggestions with us.  Mrs Ahmed, another very experienced teacher and PE and maths leader will join us in Year 2. Likewise, Mrs Kilby will be supporting Miss Bruen in Year 2. She has been a humanities, Literacy and RE leader. Miss Galbraith will be joining Year 4 from the North East with a particular expertise in music and has been involved in co-ordinating music teaching across a range of schools. Mrs Kinnear is joining the school as PE leader and will be teaching across the school, although eagle eyed parents will notice that she has already started, supporting us through the reopening. Finally, Miss Rogers will be coming as an experienced Year 2 teaching assistant. We have been impressed both by the calibre of candidates and their warm and friendly natures. They will fit in well to our happy community.

Next Year – Classes

These are the classes and teachers for next year:

  • New Class – Nursery with Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Timmins, Mrs Dare, Miss Galloway & Miss Pratt
  • New Class – Seahorse with Mrs Hempston & Miss Webb
  • New Class – Turtle with Miss Mahoney & Mrs Forte
  • Seahorse to Owl with Miss Tickner, Mrs Belcher & Mrs Johnson
  • Turtle to Squirrel with Mrs Honeybone, Mrs Ward & Mrs Hampton
  • Squirrel to Fox with Miss Bruen & Miss Rogers.
  • Owl to Hedgehog with Mrs Ahmed & Miss Pratt
  • Hedgehog to Tiger with Mrs Wogan & Mrs Fereday
  • Fox to Lion with Miss Hunt (who will be Mrs Hornby in September) & Mrs Fereday
  • Lion to Eagle with Mrs Burkinshaw, Mrs Coltman & Miss Tulley
  • Tiger to Macaw with Miss Galbraith & Miss Tulley
  • Eagle to Antelope with Miss Brown & Mrs Erlebach
  • Macaw to Gazelle with Mrs Brooks & Mrs Erlebach
  • Antelope to Kipling with Mrs Summers & Mrs Newman
  • Gazelle to Potter with Miss Stray & Mrs Newman

(Some people may be concerned not to see Mrs Mitchell’s name in the list above. I am glad to say that she will still be with us, but in a new role supporting a child one to one).

Uniform sales

Some parents have expressed an interest in second hand uniform, as they wish to combine a mixture of old and new. We will therefore be offering a uniform sale in the final week of term and on 1st September (alongside the collection points for the new uniform).

Donations would be most welcome. Could you make sure that any items are freshly laundered and placed in a bag labelled with the date. We will then make sure that they are put to one side for 72 hours before they are passed onto anyone else.

Jobs at Christ Church

If you have a passion for supporting children’s learning, we are looking for a number of people to join the team: Lunchtime Supervisors at the Junior Site; Playleaders for Connect, our Breakfast and Afterschool Club (both before school and afterschool); 2 Teaching Assistants (supporting individual children). All are part-time, term time only positions. For more details, please go to the Vacancies page of the School’s website.

Support for emotional wellbeing

Please see the attached further guidance from our Junior Pastoral Mentor, Claire Stevens, for suggestions about ways of looking after our wellbeing.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White