June 29th 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week, Year 6 performed their wonderful play “I’m a Year 6, get me out of here!” It was lovely to see the confidence and enthusiasm with which children performed and their brilliant singing. It was a real triumph, and something that they will always remember. This morning, Year 1 and Year 2 watched a show, dressed up as pirates for the Jolly Roger theatre company, there were plenty of “arghs” to be heard!

The sun shone for the junior sports day this morning. Every child took part, demonstrating a range of sporting skills. The PTA were also there, providing delicious refreshments for the watching parents. I would like to thank them for all their hard work.  (Soon we will be able to announce the final figures raised by the Summer Fair, but it already looks as though we beat last year’s total by at least £1.2K so far). It was also lovely to see former pupils, now at Coombe Boys & Girls, come back to help us.

Next Year’s Classes

We have decided that it was time for a change and some fun! From September, all classes will have a new name. Each year, we will choose a theme and teachers will select a relevant class name. This year, after consultation with the school council, we have chosen the animal kingdom. These are the classes for next year:

Reception Sea Animals

  • Seahorse Class with Miss Palmer
  • Turtle Class with Miss Tickner

KS1 Woodland Animals

  • Blue Class to Owl Class with Mrs Langder
  • Purple Class to Squirrel Class with Mrs Honeybone (M, Tu & W) & Mrs Ward (Th & F)
  • Red Class to Fox Class with Miss Bruen
  • Orange Class to Hedgehog Class with Miss Clements

LKS2 Rainforest and Savannah Animals 

  • Yellow Class to Lion Class with Miss Hunt
  • Green Class to Tiger Class with Mrs Burkinshaw (M, Tu & F) & Mrs Coltman (W & Th)
  • 3H to Eagle Class with Mr Boa
  • 3BC to Macaw Class with Miss Ahn

UKS2 Animal Authors    

  • 4A to Durrell Class with Mr Ganyon
  • 4G to Herriot Class with Mrs Brooks
  • 5W to Kipling Class with Mrs Summers
  • 5S to Potter Class with Miss Stray

Next Wednesday, all children will go to their new classes, while Year 6 visit their new schools.

Meet the Teacher Meetings

The teachers look forward to meeting parents at the new class meetings:

  • Thursday 5th July Y6 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Year 5)
  • Thursday 5th July Y3 Meet the New Teacher @ 3:45 p.m. (Year 2)
  • Friday 6th July Y5 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Year 4) THIS IS A NEW DATE
  • Monday 9th July Y2 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Year 1)
  • Tuesday 10th July Y4 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Year 3)
  • Thursday 12th July Y1 Meet the New Teacher @ 9 a.m. (Reception)


It is that stage of the year when we welcome some and say goodbye to others. This year, we are saying goodbye to three members of staff.

Mrs Robertson joined Christ Church in 2005. She has been a class teacher, SENCO and English Leader, before becoming Infant Leader and Early Years Leader two years ago. In her different roles, she has made a massive contribution to the school and will be much missed when we come back in September. We wish Mrs Robertson every good wish as she takes a gap year.

Mrs Connolly has been a teaching assistant at Christ Church for 18 years! She has supported hundreds of children and there will be adults now who look back with gratitude at the help she gave them. Her cheerful enthusiasm for life has influenced children and adults and she, too, will be much missed. We wish Mrs Connolly every good wish as she takes early retirement.

Mr Mark Gordon has been a teaching assistant for 2 years. As well as working as a TA in Year 3, he has supervised at lunchtime and run the Homework Club. With his theatrical background he has proved invaluable in helping with our drama activities particularly the end of year plays. Sadly, fitting us in between rehearsals as the lead in Richard III is proving too challenging. We hope he “breaks a leg”.

New Roles

Although only one teacher is leaving, there are a number of staff taking on new roles in September:

  • Miss Bruen will be the new Infant Leader, as well as being Fox Class teacher.
  • Miss Tickner will be the new Early Years Leader, as well as being Turtle Class teacher.
  • Miss Stray will be the new English leader, as well as being Potter Class teacher.
  • Mr Ganyon will be the new Maths Leader, as well as being Durrell Class teacher.
  • Miss Barley will be a specialist teacher at the Infants, with a focus on maths.
  • Mrs Wogan will be a specialist teacher at the juniors, with a focus on closing gaps in attainment and progress.

Both Miss Barley and Mrs Wogan have been fantastic class teachers for a long time! Miss Barley has also been a wise Maths Leader and KS1 Leader. They are both highly skilled in understanding and teaching the steps children need to take to make progress. We are very pleased that they will be using their specialist knowledge across different classes.

New Staff

We welcome two new teachers, Miss Clements and Mr Boa. They are already well known in our school and we were delighted that they agreed to come and work here. They look forward to meeting their classes next Wednesday, and parents at the meet the teacher meetings.

Parent Governor Election

Two nominations have been received for our parent governor vacancy: Nina Burich and Warren Speller. As there is only one vacancy, a secret ballot must now take place. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will secure the role of parent governor for a four year term of office.

Each parent or carer with a child attending the School, including Rainbow Nursery, is entitled to one vote regardless of the number of children they have in school.

Ballot papers have been sent home via book bags. They must be posted, in the envelope provided, in the ballot box in either office. They will be counted by the Returning Officer, Vicky Mitchell – Clerk to the Governing Body, in the presence of the Headteacher at 3.30 p.m. on Friday, 6th July 2018.


Next week, Years 2 and 4 are taking part in the Kingston Country Dance Festival. As the weather is meant to be hot, they would like to take some gazebos. Thank you to the parents who have already offered, but if any other parents have gazeboes they could lend us, please let the office know.

An Evening with Historian, Author and TV Presenter Tracy Borman – Wednesday 11 July 8pm, Junior Hall

In this talk, inspired by her debut novel The King’s Witch, Tracy will take us into the turbulent world of the early Stuart court: King James is waging a war on witches and Catholics alike and it is not long before a dark campaign to destroy both King and Parliament gathers pace, culminating in the Gunpowder Plot. The heroine of the novel Frances Gorges, daughter of Elizabeth I’s favourite lady in waiting, is accused of witchcraft and becomes embroiled in the plot to oust James from the throne. Interweaving fact and fiction, Tracy will tell Frances’s story, and in so doing will bring one of the most dramatic events in British history vividly to life.

Tickets cost £5 and are available on ParentMail. (The previous restriction of 2 tickets per child has now been removed). Drinks and nibbles will be available to purchase at the event. Books will be available to buy for Tracy to sign at the end of the talk.

Please note that there is a bug in the ParentMail App where the start time is shown incorrectly as 7pm

Sun Protection

As the weather heats up, please ensure that your child is protected against the sun and the heat. Please send them into school with a named water bottle, encouraging them to drink plenty, and a cap or sun hat. Make sure you have applied sun screen to your child before school.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White, Headteacher

This week’s ParentMail messages

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  • Infants – Year 1 and 2 Dance club Autumn term,
  • Whole school – Parent Governor Election – Ballot papers via book bag