June 30th 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

This morning, the playground was full of ‘blinged’ up bikes and scooters. There were some wonderful designs, and some very creative ideas. There are pictures of this, and more, in the attached newsletter.

The end of term is approaching, and next Wednesday morning, the children meet their new teachers. We also have the summer music concert on Tuesday evening and the junior sports day on Friday morning. I look forward to seeing many parents at those events.


I am very pleased to be able to share with you our long-awaited letter from Ofsted and, although we already knew it, it confirms that the school is still GOOD! We are particularly pleased by that, as we know the threshold for being good, continues to rise each year.  It is lovely to see in writing their recognition of:

  • “A strong sense of community”
  • Our “calm and purposeful environment for learning”
  • “Caring relationships between pupils and staff”
  • “Teachers’ high quality guidance helps pupils to develop into articulate and confident learners”
  • Our “articulate and confident learners [who] are keen to share their views and listen respectfully to the ideas of others”
  • That “we ensure that any barriers to individual pupils’ learning are identified thoroughly so that extra support is tailored to their needs”

My favourite part are the quotes from the children themselves:

“I love coming to school because my work keeps getting better and better.”

“We are working really hard on our writing. My teacher wants me to do my best”.

Please see the inspector’s letter attached. If you want to discuss anything in it, do speak to me or Mr Burkinshaw.

Staff Changes

This year brings us considerable changes in our teaching staff.  Sadly, we continue to be affected by the very high housing prices around the area and our younger teachers need to move away to buy property.  This year, we are also seeing the retirement of one teacher;  a very valuable initiative in which another teacher is reducing her hours in class in order to focus on our priority of sport and  PE and another is taking a once in a life time opportunity of travelling to Singapore. We shall really miss each and every one of them, but we know that they will bring many blessings to their new schools, just as they have to us. We will be celebrating their contribution to the school in a future bulletin.

However, I am very excited to be able to announce that we have managed to recruit very experienced teachers and, therefore, we have even increased our levels of expertise in the school.  (This is particularly pleasing as you will have seen the headlines about the challenges in recruiting staff, as many are leaving the profession.) Two of them are coming to us from outstanding schools.  Two people are being promoted to be phase leaders in the lower and upper juniors, in order to provide more leadership for the teams in our school and, therefore capacity for further improvement. Finally, very excitingly, Miss Tickner is returning to us to teach Reception, once more.

New Classes

Here is an overview of the classes and their staff for next year:

Current Class New Class Teachers
Blue Miss Palmer
Purple Miss Tickner
Blue Orange Mrs Honeybone (M-W), Mrs Ward (Th & F)
Purple Red Miss Langder
Orange Green Miss Bruen
Red Yellow Miss Barley
Yellow 3BC Mrs Burkinshaw (M, Tu & F), Mrs Coltman (W & Th)
Green 3H Miss Hunt
3NB 4A Miss Ahn
3OB 4G Mr Ganyon
4M 5B Miss Stray
4A 5W Mrs Wogan
5D 6B Mrs Brooks
5W 6S Mrs Summers

Specialist Staff

We have also been looking strategically at the support that we are giving to different individuals and groups of children across the school in order to help them achieve their potential.  We have therefore amended the junior timetable in order to create dedicated intervention slots every day, both for targeted programmes and for reinforcement of key learning from the week.  The following members of staff will be providing expert support for children across the school

Mrs Bond 1 to 1 maths tuition for upper juniors
Mrs Fereday Speech and Language; Comprehension; Writing Skills
Mr Gordon Support for children with English as an Additional Language
Mrs Hampton Maths support and challenge for infants and lower juniors
Mrs Kim Support for Korean children in English
Mrs Robertson Literacy booster groups
Mrs Robinson Literacy conferencing to upgrade writing for upper juniors
Mrs Ward Phonics support

We have been exploring ways of enhancing lunchtimes for children.  We have heard from you that sometimes children are not sure whom to report their concerns to and sometimes staff are not aware of individual need when addressing incidents.  We are therefore going to have a named person dedicated to each year group, who will know the children and be able to communicate more closely with the class teachers.

Contacting Staff

If you have any questions, the best person is always your child’s class teacher. However, if you need to contact one of the leadership team, here is how:

SENCO – Mrs Roe – if you would like to discuss the support for your child in more detail. Please speak to or email Mrs Roe SENCO@ccnm.rbksch.org,

Deputy Head – Mr Burkinshaw – If you have questions or concerns about your child’s teaching or learning, and the class teacher has not been able to help, or if the issue is confidential, please speak to or email Mr Burkinshaw – deputy@ccnm.rbksch.org.

Headteacher – Miss White – If you have a question or concern and nobody has been able to help, or if the issue is confidential, please speak to or contact Miss White – head@ccnm.rbksch.org.

Clubs – Autumn Term

Please do look at the attached breakdown of clubs for both sites that will help you to make choices for your children. The cost shown for each club is a provisional cost based on this terms cost, so do check the correct cost as letters come out for each club.

Safety at clubs before school

Please do not drop children more than five minutes before the club starts. They are not supervised before that time and we do want them to be safe.

Parking outside school

Please can parents not park across our neighbours driveways. On Thursday morning, at the junior site, a fire engine had trouble getting through due to cars parked inconsiderately. Please park well away from the school and walk with your child.

Year 3 & 4 Choir

Year 3 & 4 choir has now finished for this term. There will be no choir next week.

Class Photographs

Please remember the deadline for the 10% earlybird discount for class photographs from Pret-a-portrait is next Wednesday 5th July.

Best wishes,

Tabitha White