Key Priorities

Key Priorities 2017/18

To enhance the quality of children’s learning through our CREATIVE curriculum;
with a particular focus on developing RE, DT, PE and outdoor learning: This year, we will introduce exciting design and technology projects in small classes led by subject specialists.  We will use experts to train and support staff in high quality PE lessons and consult experts about the development of outdoor learning across both sites and our playing field. We will embed the new RE curriculum in order to maintain our aim for excellence in this area.

To promote a cohesive COMMUNITY by promoting links with our local and international community through a wide range of exciting projects: By Summer 18, we will have held a celebratory international day, developed the credit union for our children, with support from St John’s church (Christians Against Poverty), celebrated our own 150th anniversary in liaison with Christ Church, and developed closer links with our two  sponsored children in the Kibera slum in Kenya.

To NURTURE children’s wellbeing by developing more support for emotional health: This year we will extend our very successful scheme ‘Let’s Lead at Christ Church’ in order to promote a sense of community and responsibility, accompanied by a revision of our timetable in order to facilitate circle times.  We will hold a wellbeing day in order to help children develop  relaxation techniques, to promote discussions about mental health and to signpost further support.

To continue to MAXIMISE children’s potential by targeting aspects of learning which they find challenging:  We will continue our drive to ensure there are good rates of progress for every group across the school by targeting support effectively
· Revise junior timetable in order to provide more time for interventions
· Extend our programme of conferencing to support children in redrafting and improving their writing
· Revise our programme of  interventions so they are targeted to very specific needs, particularly for disadvantaged pupils with low prior attainment
· Develop specific interventions for spelling and handwriting for children with low starting points

Throughout all these developments we will look to share best practice both within the school, with our partner school St Matthews and across the cluster. For our detailed School Improvement Plan click here.