May 17th 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

I have been very proud of our Year 6 children this week; they have worked so hard in their SATs and have all supported each other so well. It was lovely to see them together at breakfast every morning. Some children have even commented that they have enjoyed doing SATs, but I think we are all glad they are now over! On Thursday, Nursery and Reception classes had a fantastic time in a visit from some interesting animals from an exotic animal rescue centre. They saw a skunk, chameleons, an African Pygmy hedgehog, a macaw, snakes (beware of the very large one on the front cover of the newsletter!) and lots more with everyone getting a turn to touch them.  Years 1 and 2 have been making the most of the sunshine planting seeds in pots that they have painted themselves. You can see photos of these and more in the attached newsletter.

Behaviour Code

At Christ Church we are generally proud of the behaviour of our children. Visitors frequently comment on how lovely our children are to talk to, their excellent manners and their focus on learning. However, we know that it only takes a couple of children to call out, answer back or chat to distract from learning in any lesson. We are committed to maintaining high standards and will therefore be contacting parents if children breach our behaviour code, as we know you will wish to work in partnership with us in this vital area.

Class Photographs – 21st May

Pret-a-Portrait will be coming to take class photographs for the whole school on Tuesday 21st May. Please make sure children are sent to school in the correct uniform.

Soak the Teachers – Juniors – Message from Year 6

Our spectacular event of face soaking is coming up soon. Children are invited to throw sponges at teachers on Thursday 23rd May. It will cost 50p per sponge, or £1 for three sponges. We are raising money for the Year 6 play, Beauty and the Beast and we hope you can help us. Now to announce the soakees: Miss Ahn, Mr Boa, Mr Burkinshaw, Mr Ganyon, Miss Hunt, Mr Newman, Miss Scribbins, Miss Stray, Mrs Summers Mrs Wogan and even Miss White! We know your children will enjoy this unusual activity! Isabel and Dorsa (Year 6)

Sponsored Readathon – Juniors

A reminder that this term at the juniors there is a sponsored readathon. Your child should have come home with an information leaflet. You can sponsor your child online.  There is a £10 National Book Token for the child who raises the most money!

Year 3 &4 Choir – Cluster Concert at the Rose Theatre – Tuesday 11th June

The Year 3 and 4 choir will be performing at the Malden and Coombe Cluster Concert at the Rose Theatre on Tuesday 11th June at 2pm. Tickets are now available from the Rose Theatre via telephone, in person or via their website.

Year 6 Residential Talk – Thursday 6th June @ 7 p.m.

There will be a talk for parents about Year 6’s trip to the Isle of Wight on Thursday 6th June at 7 p.m. in the Junior Hall. Year 6 are welcome to attend.

Music Tuition from September 2019

If you are interested in your child learning an instrument at school from September 2019, the attached flyer from Kingston Music Service details the instruments available. Also attached is a flyer for their Come and Play Day at All Saints Church tomorrow where children and parents can try out their range of instruments and speak with the tutors.

Skipping Workshop – Juniors – Change of date

The skipping workshop at the Juniors, which was originally scheduled for 5th June, will now take place on the first day back after half term, Monday 3rd June. If you would like to pre-order any skipping ropes please remember to hand in to the office the order form together with a cheque or cash in an envelope with your child’s name and class on the front. Ropes will also be on sale after school on the day.

Developing Resilience and Independence – Workshop – Wednesday 22nd May

Please see the attached flyer if you would be interested in attending a two hour workshop for parents on developing resilience and independence and what you can do to support your child as they grow. It will take place on Wednesday 22nd May and is run by Gill Hines, Education and Parenting Consultant.

Lunchtime Experience

Kingston are very aware of concerns that parents have raised about the quality of lunches and have responded with a very exciting offer. We are delighted to be the only school in Kingston to have been selected by ‘Achieving for Children’ to work with a consultant, who specialises in school lunch service, to make lunchtimes more pleasant for children. The consultant’s aim is to “make it feel restaurant style” so watch this space!


Now that we are getting better weather, we are embarking on our gardening for this year. Each junior class will choose a different plant to grow, so watch out for the tallest sunflower, longest runner bean, biggest courgette and the sweetest tomato! I was delighted to see that Year 5 have even created their own pots out of newspaper in order to reduce our use of plastic.

Friday 24th May – INSET Day

Please remember next Friday is an INSET day so school finishes for half term at the normal time on Thursday 23rd May. We return to school on Monday 3rd June.

Best wishes,

Tabitha White, Headteacher