November 6th 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

The start of lockdown has felt so different this time. It has been so lovely to be able to stay open and to have all the children in school, even though there have been bureaucratic challenges and the need for enhanced risk assessments behind the scenes. I would also like to publicly thank staff for their dedication and positivity, being willing to continue working throughout this time despite the added risk of infection.  I know from the lovely messages that you have been sending me, that you feel the same.

Support in keeping our school special

As you can imagine, the cost of keeping the school open has soared through this challenging time, with additional staffing, utilities and equipment (individual sets of resources) and yet our sources of funds have reduced.  We would therefore value your support more than ever before in contributing towards purchases which will help us provide the same rich curriculum and positive experiences.  I know that these times will be financially challenging for many, so any contributions small or large will be appreciated according to people’s situations.  If you are a UK taxpayer, we will be able to increase the amount by claiming Gift Aid and, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you will also be able to offset it against your tax commitment. It may also be that your company would be interested in donating as part of their corporate social responsibility.

There are two ways you can donate to support the school:

  • Regularly, through the Governors’ Fund
  • One off, through a targeted donation

If you could donate in both ways, it would be very much appreciated. Whichever you choose, please know that we are very grateful for the support you are giving us to help the school become an even better place for our children to learn and grow.

Targeted Donations

You can make targeted donations via ParentMail in the payments section.

To help you decide upon the size of your donation, the teachers have made the following suggestions.

  • £2 will buy a hula hoop
  • £2 will buy a dictionary
  • £2.95 will buy a ball of string
  • £3 will buy Christmas craft materials for one child
  • £3.50 will buy a pack of 52 jumbo chalk
  • £4 will buy 6 x 600ml bottles of paint
  • £4 will buy 100 laminating pouches
  • £5 will buy 15 whiteboard pens
  • £6 will buy a football
  • £6 will buy 1000 craft lolly sticks
  • £6 will buy 250 paper art straws
  • £7 will buy 12.5kg of clay
  • £7.14 will buy 12 packs of Blu Tack
  • £9 will buy 9 packs of masking tape
  • £10 will buy a packet of 2 double Dutch skipping ropes
  • £13 will buy pack of 144 coloured pencils
  • £18 will buy 3750 hand towels!!
  • £20 will buy 24 boxes of tissues
  • £48 will buy 1500 pencils
  • £34 will buy a motorised model of the solar system
  • £60 will buy 100 large glue sticks
  • £99 will buy an annual subscription to Digimaps – all Ordnance Survey maps (current and historic)
  • £100 will buy a set of 16 rechargeable stopwatches
  • £129.85 will buy a set of 15 atlases
  • £200 will buy an indoor table tennis table
  • £700 will buy an outdoor table tennis table
  • £1250 will buy an exciting new computing resource for the whole school
  • £5000 will buy a set of large blue building bricks for the junior playground (like those in the infants)

We would love to acknowledge donations on our website and in our newsletter, unless people would rather make them anonymously.

We are also trialling a different approach for nursery and reception who have set up an Amazon wish list.


Regular Giving – the Governors’ Fund

The Governor’s Fund is a charitable fund and all the money it raises directly supports the school. Some of the ways the Governors’ Fund is supporting the school this year include:

  • Chromebooks for every junior child
  • Fencing for the wildlife area at the infants
  • Working with the PTA on the development of the school playing fields

In the past the Governors’ Fund has helped fund very important items such as the infant climbing area, reroofing the infants site, creating footings for changing rooms on the playing field and the refurbishment of both the junior and Hedgehog toilets. (The governors also have to contribute towards the cost of any building works in order to trigger government funding. If the governors contribute 10%, these funds trigger the other 90% of the funding).

You should have received an email earlier this afternoon from the Treasurer of the Governors’ Fund, Jenny Cropper with more information.

Currently only 15% of families regularly support this vital fund.

You can make a donation to the Governors’ Fund via ParentMail in the payments section.


Whether you are able to support us financially or not, your help would be appreciated in signing this petition, which calls on the Government to fully fund schools for Covid-19 costs and provide relief for loss of income.


Reminder – Lunches

On Thursday we moved over to a new online parent ordering system for school lunches which can be accessed via the website

You will need to register on this new system to be able to order school lunches and any remaining balance on your old account will transfer over to the new account. Please see the attached leaflet for instructions on how to register. On this new system parents will be able to amend or cancel orders up to 9:30 a.m. on the day.

As mentioned in the previous bulletin, for the first two weeks we are continuing with cold lunches but from Monday 16th November we will resume serving hot lunches.

Best wishes,

Tabitha White, Headteacher