Rainbow Nursery AM/PM

Rainbow Nursery at Christ Church welcomes children who have reached their third birthday by 31st August. The Nursery is on the Infant Site in Lime Grove, and has its own bright sunny classroom and garden.

Our nursery offers rich, exciting learning experiences. Since most three and four year olds learn best through play, we offer them engaging and varied resources and opportunities to develop their skills and broaden their experiences. Above all, we aim to help the children to develop their confidence to play happily with others, to support their physical development (both gross and fine motor skills) and to develop their communication and language skills. The children will be acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through playing and exploring, active learning and using their creativity and thinking skills.

At the start of each session we spend a few minutes together on the carpet listening to each other and learning about the different activities on offer. The children are then able to choose activities, both inside or outside. We encourage children to take part in a short activity with an adult: one day it might be making a sandwich, another planting a seed or building a creation out of blocks. The children can help themselves to a drink and a fruit snack during the session. We end each session with stories and songs.

Every session has a teacher, teaching assistant and an apprentice, giving us a good ratio of adults to children.

Each day is split into two 3-hour sessions. Children can come for 5 morning sessions or 5 afternoon sessions. With the government’s new funding of 30 hours, we also offer full-time spaces where children are entitled to come to all morning and afternoon sessions they wish with a short lunch break in between.

We are proud of the happy, busy atmosphere in our nursery and look forward to welcoming your child.