October 19th 2018

Dear Parent/Carers,

It is hard to believe it is half-term already! Everyone has settled into their new classes and can be proud of all they have achieved in the seven weeks since the summer. We ended this half-term with an outdoor day, with children taking part in a variety of outdoor activities. Children were even “flossing 4 funding”. This week our Year 6 girls’ football team has been in action at Chessington Community College. Their hearts will have been pumping, something Years 5 and 6 have been learning about, and on Wednesday Dr Michael Wilde, a Consultant Respiratory Physician and Christ Church parent, talked to the children about lungs and hearts. Year 1 have been learning about the five senses in science and, this week, did a tasting and touching experiment to guess what fruit it was without looking. You can see photos of this, and more, in the attached newsletter.

Parents’ Evenings

Can I once again apologise for the ParentMail glitch which meant that many parents had to book for a second time. I am aware of the difficulty in finding a time to book that suits everybody and know it was inconvenient for some people to do that twice. We will be reviewing our approach to find out if there is any way we can improve our system.

Cubs and Scouts

If your child is aged between 8 and 10 (Cubs) and 10 and 14 (Scouts) and you think your child would like to join the Scout Group, you can get in touch through this website at http://www.7thmalden.org.uk/recruiting-now/ .

Local Residents of the Infant Site

There have been some complaints by local residents about cars being parked in front of their property and children walking on to their property. Please could we politely remind anyone coming to and from Lime Grove to be mindful of local residents’ property.

Infant Garden area

Outside Owl class at the Infants we have a small garden area that needs a bit of care. We would like to ask if any parents or relatives have compost or bark that they are able to donate to the school. We would also appreciate the donation of one or two garden forks, rakes, shovels and watering cans. It is a lovely area that we would like to capitalise on and get the children involved in some gardening and maintenance.

PTA Reminder

We are delighted to announce that we can get up to £1,050 from local Estate Agency, SeOUL Residential, for advertising the fair on their agency boards. This is really generous of them and will more than double what we can usually make but WE NEED YOUR HELP. We will need 70 residential addresses where SeOUL Residential can display one of their boards in the run up to the fair (December 1st). The agency board will display the fair details which should help to publicise the event! If you are happy to volunteer, please email ccnm.pta@hotmail.com ASAP with your name and address and we will do the rest.

This year all funds raised at the fair will go towards essential and immediate work required in the playgrounds. This is one of the easiest ways to help the PTA raise funds, so we hope to hear from you!

Year 6 Secondary School Applications

Urgent reminder to complete the application form by Wednesday, 31st October.  If you are having difficulties you can contact the admissions team on 020 8547 4610 between 08:45 – 14:00 Monday to Friday.  If you cannot complete the form on-line and need a paper copy, please come into the Junior Office on Monday, 29th October.  Any applications received after 31st October will be considered as late and this may severely affect the school your child is offered.

I do hope that you all manage to have a special time with your family at some point over the next week.

Best wishes,

Tabitha White, Headteacher