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1st July 2016

Dear Parents /Carers,

Once again, this week featured a stunning performance of Hansel and Gretel, which was this time presented by Year 6. I was stunned by the power and enthusiasm with which the children performed. We were all gripped both evenings and it has left us with so many fun memories!

Farewells and congratulations
This is the time of year where we feel very mixed emotions. It is with sadness that we will be saying goodbyes to members of staff, whom we are so fond of, but it is with excitement that we will be welcoming lovely new members of staff.

In addition to Mrs Lamble, as we have shared before, we have heard that the following will be moving on: Miss Tickner, whose 5 years with us have flown past in the blink of an eye, will be moving onto new challenges. Mrs Jones will be enjoying her shorter journey to work. Miss Groutage, who has become a very successful entrepreneur, will be focusing on her creative business, which has expanded far beyond expectations. We would like to thank them all for their hard work and dedication, and wish them every success and happiness in the future!

I would also like to congratulate Mrs Alex Roe, who has been promoted to the role of our SENCO. Her insights, both as a very experienced teacher and as an accredited ‘Rhythmic Movement Training’ consultant will prove invaluable. Although her new role officially starts in September, she is already working very closely with Mrs Rickards and Mrs Robertson to ensure that the transition is seamless, and that she is empowered to offer support and advice to children and parents from the very start.

We are delighted that, at Kings Adult Education’s (KAE) Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony last night, Mr Jason Brown, our Office Apprentice, was presented with a special commendation by the Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Rowena Bass. Of the 120 apprentices KAE have on their programme only 8 were so recognised. Congratulations Jason! We are equally pleased to announce that Jason will be joining the office team permanently on completion of his apprenticeship in September.

Classes for next year

Next week, on Wednesday 6th July in the morning, children will have the opportunity to meet their new teachers for themselves. (Miss Bruen will be meeting with her children on Monday 4th July due to prior commitments on the Wednesday).The classes will be as follows:
Year groupClassPreviouslyTeacher
NurseryRainbow amn/aMrs Janette Lawrence

Rainbow pmn/aMrs Catherine Timmins
ReceptionBluen/aMiss Sally Palmer

Purplen/aMiss Katherine Butler
Year 1OrangeBlueMrs Joanne Honeybone /Mrs Rachel Ward

RedPurpleMiss Leah Bruen
Year 2YellowOrangeMiss Judy Barley

GreenRedMiss Izzy Nejad
Year 33NBYellowMrs Nicola Brooks

3OBGreenMr Oisin Bishenden
Year 44A3BHMiss Jenny Ahn

4M3BMiss Suzi Miller
Year 55D4WMrs Amy Day

5W4PMrs Ruth Wogan
Year 66G5DMrs Jenny Greenfield

6P5WMiss Hannah Peto

Here is a reminder of the dates when you will also be able to meet your child’s teacher. (The Year Group listed is the year group your child will be in in September)

4th July     3.30pm     Year 1 in Orange classroom
                (please note change of date)
7th July      9.00am     Year 6 in classrooms
                 3.45pm     Year 3 in classrooms
11th July    9.00am     Year 2 in classrooms
12th July    9.00am     Year 4 (Junior hall)
13th July    9.00am     Year 5 in classrooms

Volunteers Sought for our new credit union!

In previous bulletins I have shared with you our exciting plans to launch BCC’s Saving Scheme (Bank of Christ Church) in order to promote good saving habits amongst our children. Mrs Wogan is urgently seeking volunteers who would be able to assist with the launch of our new credit union in the Autumn term. We are looking for at least three people who could give a commitment of half an hour per week, 8.30am – 9.00am to collect in the children’s money and then take it together to a local bank. We intend to launch this initiative on the Junior site and then expand to the Infants at a later date. If you think you might be interested, please could you let our Junior office know.

Arrangements for Year 6 girls who are visiting Coombe Girls on Monday 4th July
A number of parents have been asking for clarification in relation to the Year 6 girls’ visit to Coombe Girls on Monday. As this is only a morning’s visit, we would expect the girls to return to school in the afternoon.

Reminder about new arrangements for Junior Sports Day
We are now aiming to hold our Junior Sports Day on Monday 18th July, starting at 9.15 am on our playing field. Let’s hope that we see a break in the weather before then!

Summer activities
We are sent a number of flyers about holiday activities. We do not want to bombard parents with messages. We will therefore print out copies and put them in the leaflet displays outside the offices. Do have a look if you are interested in finding activities for your children.

With best wishes for the weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha White Headteacher

T. 020 8336 7800

INFANTS SITE; Lime Grove New Malden Surrey KT3 3TW.
JUNIORS SITE; Elm Road New Malden Surrey KT3 3HN.

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